Women in Tech Web Development Program Expands to Alberta, Canada’s Business Journal

Toronto, March 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The International Development and Relief Foundation (IDRF) today announced that it will expand its highly successful “Womenin Tech” training program to Alberta. This initiative, which trains young women to work as full-stack developers, will support young people in Calgary and Edmonton, thanks to generous support from the Catapult Canada Access Innovation Fund of the Rido Hall Foundation.

In 2018, IDRF created Women in Tech for young women in Toronto. You risk doing so because you are in poverty or lack the skills you can hire. To remove some of the socio-economic barriers associated with the high cost of technology education, IDRF offers the program free of charge through an annual grant from the United Way of Greater Toronto under the Comprehensive Employment Initiative. ..

Since the start of the program in Toronto, 100 young women have learned introductory computer coding skills and an additional 22 have graduated from the web development boot camp. The program has a 100% employment rate and most participants secure a full-time position in technology as a web developer within 90 days of graduation.

According to Elyas Burney, Program Director at Women in Tech, there is a large gender gap in the technology sector, with women accounting for only 20% of the workforce. In addition, he states that a high proportion of young women, especially those from BIPOC and the new immigrant community, who are not represented by one of the world’s most influential industries.

“Technology skills are in high demand across Canada, but in some areas like Alberta, COVID-19 still has high unemployment rates,” says Bernie. “Womenin Tech provides young women with coding skills to work as web developers, increasing their participation in this sector and developing future leaders.”

The “Women in Tech – Alberta” program began this spring, and IDRF has invited local community groups from Calgary and Edmonton to promote the program and encourage young women to apply. Priority will be given to candidates who have difficulty accessing full-time / full-time employees, unemployed or underemployed individuals, and candidates who do not have the financial resources to access technical education.

In the first year of the program in Alberta, 30 women between the ages of 18 and 24 will be trained in introductory web development skills, especially HTML5, CSS +, and JavaScript. From that cohort, 10 women will complete a 12-week intensive web development bootcamp and learn advanced digital skills such as HTML5, CSS +, JavaScript, jQuery, Flexbox, React, and APIs. This training prepares graduates to work as full stack developers.

Zeina Osman, Director of Giving & Impact at IDRF, said: “We are also grateful for the continued support we received from the United Way of Greater Toronto. The generous support of both organizations can make a big difference in the lives of many young women in Ontario and Alberta. Helps. “

Young women who want to learn more about the Women in Tech program in Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton should visit the IDRF website.

About IDRF:
IDRF is a Canadian-registered charity that aims to empower underprivileged people in Canada and around the world. Founded in 1984, IDRF has an enviable reputation as one of Canada’s most operated charities and is recognized by third-party organizations such as Financial Post and MoneySense for its effectiveness, efficiency and results. Check out IDRF’s annual report for more details and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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Women in Tech Web Development Program Expands to Alberta, Canada’s Business Journal

Source link Women in Tech Web Development Program Expands to Alberta, Canada’s Business Journal

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