Woman gives birth at Metallica show in Brazil

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Instead of “going out of the light and going into the night,” it was about leaving the baby and going into motherhood for Brazilian Metallica fans.

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Joyce Figueiro gave birth to Luang on May 7 during a concert by a legendary band in Kritaba, Brazil. The Washington Post.

It happened during Metallica’s blockbuster encore performance, Please enter SandmanLoved by new parents.

“It was a mixture of emotions,” said Figueiro. Position. “I was worried that the medical team might not be ready because it wasn’t planned. But Metallica is one of our most beloved bands, so tell people that this happened. There is also a feeling that I can convey it. “

Why was there a woman who was so pregnant at the Metallica show in the first place?

Having been waiting to attend for years, I found that she couldn’t stand not appearing. Joice and her husband, Jaime, purchased tickets for the show scheduled for April 2020 in 2019. Of course, the pandemic continued, causing a lot of delays.

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The doctor said he could go to Joyce Figueiro, 39 weeks pregnant, but had to sit in a special place.

“I was in the handicap area,” said Figueiro. “And I was sitting in a safe place without the risk of injury.”

Figueiro said he began to feel the contraction as soon as Metallica went on stage. But she didn’t talk to the medical team until she had only about three songs left.

“It was blurry,” Joyce said. Position. “It all happened so fast.”

When Metallica concludes the show Please enter SandmanLuang Figueiro was born healthy at 11:15 pm

When Metallica shared the story on Instagram, the story became biral.

Woman gives birth at Metallica show in Brazil

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