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Montreal, March 4, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Montreal, Quebec-

Based in Montreal, Quebec, Frank and Oak is pleased to draw community attention to the brand’s collection of women’s underwear. Like many products, this collection has been curated to include sensory, comfortable yet stylish items that fit women’s skin and support women all day long. Frank and Oak deliberately chooses materials and construction technologies that work in favor of these ideals and incorporates customer feedback after the customer has the opportunity to actually try the product. See the complete collection here: https: //

While designing this range, Frank and Orc sought to address many of the issues women had to deal with when buying underwear. Some of these issues include issues specific to the garment industry as a whole, such as unsustainable practices used in the manufacturing process. However, some of the problems are much more likely to be experienced, especially by women. Fortunately, Frank and Oak have developed both solutions and believe that the products in the women’s underwear collection are a great example of brand progress.

One of the main issues with clothing is how to procure the cotton used. In many cases, cotton production requires large amounts of water and pesticides, and in many areas where cotton is produced, little care is taken for workers who can use their labor force at every harvest. However, organic cotton is significantly better due to the fact that it is a more sustainable solution in almost every respect. It does not use pesticides and is cultivated from seeds other than GMO, and the agricultural technology used does not contain harmful chemicals.

Customers who want to try products made of organic cotton can consider Frank and Oak Bralette. Customer Alessandra F. As stated in her ardent review, “I love all of this bralette. I’m 32D / DD and the shape is very flattering. Probably M because S has a lot of cleavage. The band was snug and I didn’t want to take the risk. The fabric feels soft, thick and fully supportive. “

As previously announced, this organic cotton wireless bralet is available in over 10 soft colors and has already proven to be one of the brand’s most popular items. In addition to organic cotton, it features a wireless design that pleases our customers.

However, the store’s effort to unify shape and function means that the wires had to be replaced. Frank and Oak introduced a smooth rubber band for this very purpose, supporting the wearer’s chest as a whole, barely colliding with the aesthetics of the work. In addition to being much more comfortable, this has the bonus effect of blending naturally in harmony with the wearer’s contours. This bralet also has no padding. Many will also like the peep design and the fact that it comes with an adjustable strap. Available in XS, S, M, L and XL sizes.

Other items in this collection pay similar attention to detail. For example, the plunge neck bra also features a rubber band that provides firm and gentle support. Hipster briefs, bikini panties, laces and high waist panties (especially) are also made of organic cotton.

Frank and Oak encourages customers to review the recommendations on the Materials and Care tab for each item. Similarly, TENCEL ™ modal bikini panties are made from cellulose fibers derived from sustainable beech trees in a closed-loop production process.

For more information on unpadded wireless bralettes, see Frank And Oak’s website please.


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Wireless Bralet Canada Launch – Padless Organic Cotton Bra Underwear Collection, Canadian Business Journal

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