Win Butler talks about the future of the band, the “pride” of the brothers’ will to do “about himself”, leaving Arcade Fire behind.

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Prior to the May 6th release of Arcade Fire’s new album we, Lead singer Win Butler is discussing the future of Canadian indie rock bands after his brother and longtime bandmate Wil Butler leaves the group.

“I love Will. He was my only brother and he was always interested in transcending music,” Butler told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe. result, Prior to the broadcast of the full interview.

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“I think he chased his brother into this band. That was his first job,” the vocalist continues. “He has three young children. [my wife] Regine and I can take a child. But if not, I think there’s something much more important than music. “

Win explains that there is something “other than music” that Will is personally interested in.

“Basically, I think I have only one chance to raise my family and live with them. I think it’s very easy to understand. I’m proud that he did what he did,” he said. Talk to Rowe.

Win supported his brother’s decision, but never left Arcade Fire.

“The whole band is my family, the family you were born in, and the family you chose,” explains the musician. “Sometimes I think the family you choose can be just as big, because it’s love and life. It’s not all straight. I’m not really scared of any of it. Playing still. I’m really grateful for the show. It was really dark for me that I didn’t have access to it. Fortunately I have nothing because this band is my life. “

After spending nearly 20 years in the band, Will announced his departure from Arcade Fire in March, revealing that he had left “after the new record was completed.”

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Also in the interview, Win talks about the inspiration behind the title of the next album. we..

“George Orwell is one of my great heroes, and he has the essay” Why I Write “that I read when I was 15 years old. It means the same thing, “says the musician. “And to me, it’s a very powerful word because we’re one of the most meaningful words with the fewest characters. It’s also difficult to define.”

Win explains why he feels he needs music to survive, saying: There are musicians who are talented, have great voices, and really want to play music. That is their purpose when they are over and people applaud. When they hear the cheers and satisfaction of someone who says “well done”, that’s what they ultimately want. “

He continues. “Then there are these other things that die if you don’t play music. They just disappear, they’ll die, and I’m in that category, and most of the people I f ** k do with that. I’m in the category. It’s not a choice. It even transcends profession. It’s like my soul and my body needs this to be present. Otherwise I probably won’t work at all I’m just wandering around and it won’t help society at all. “

One of the artists on the new album is the musical legend Peter Gabriel, and Win talks about the influence of former Genesis musicians on the band.

“We covered his’Games Without Frontiers’and he covered’My Body’s Cage’. Régine’s Peter Gabriel also has a lot of influence. That’s very true, “says Win. “Regine is a Haitian, mostly in a white Quebec environment, listening to Peter Gabriel’s music in the 80’s, listening to African drums and something related to her family’s roots, and it’s really profound. I think it was really hard to find something like that in the 80’s. It’s as if it didn’t exist. “

Win Butler talks about the future of the band, the “pride” of the brothers’ will to do “about himself”, leaving Arcade Fire behind.

Source link Win Butler talks about the future of the band, the “pride” of the brothers’ will to do “about himself”, leaving Arcade Fire behind.

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