Why Tom Selleck was “deadly scared” in the role of “Friends” guest appearance

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Tom Selleck talked about why he was “deadly scared” when he made a guest appearance on “Friends” as Dr. Richard Burke.

The 77-year-old actor who starred in the “Kelly Clarkson Show” revealed that being a guest of the show was “the most difficult thing”. And as a prime example, Selleck provided his experience with Friends.

“I’m trying to relax a new actor because it’s really difficult, so it’s about attending a show where everyone is speeding up, like when they did’Friends’,” he said. .. “They were speeding up.” Then the dazzling Clarkson intervenes and tells Celec that he was “surprised” as Courteney Cox’s boyfriend.

“I wasn’t surprised at what they call table leads,” Serek said.And when Clarkson asked Celec if he enjoyed his time at “Friends”, The veteran actor explained why he was so nervous.

“I was scared to death,” he said. “I’ve done a’taxi’long ago, but never a sitcom. So I was really nervous. Courteney was a big help. Courteney is a big help. But that group is an incredible group of friends. They obviously made friends in life and at the show, and that’s what it shows. It was a great place to work. “

Serek, who was supposed to appear in only three episodes, said he appeared in nine episodes and played Cox’s cigar lovers and a much older boyfriend in Season 2. He resurfaced in Season 6, just before Matthew Perry’s character finally proposed to Cox’s character.

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Why Tom Selleck was “deadly scared” in the role of “Friends” guest appearance

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