Why is plastic surgery cheap in Turkey?

Flying to Turkey for cosmetic surgery can help you save a lot of money. The Turkish Parliament approved a legislation three years ago that established International Health Services, an institution aimed at governing and promoting the health industry and work standards, in order to manage the clinic’s standards. However, in order to secure your safety, you must undertake extensive research and use extreme caution before making a final decision.

Thus, you may want to know why cosmetic surgeries are cheap in Turkey before making your final decision.

First and foremost, as you are aware, there is a significant difference in the currency rates of European countries and Turkey. This difference is still widening, making cosmetic operations more affordable than ever for people with bucks or euros in their purses.

Then, another factor is that Turkey manufactures the medical equipment that would be used by the doctors during the surgeries. This notion adds to Turkey’s low health-care and operation expenses. Turkey prefers native manufacturing of all commodities and products to imports. To demonstrate its support, Turkey sells imported goods and items at a considerably higher price than locally created goods. As a result, there will be more local production and less importation. As a result, shipping, logistical, and customs charges are removed from the eventual price phase.

On the other hand, you may argue that Europe and the United States both manufacture their own equipment, but surgery costs remain high. Of course, this is correct, but local manufacturing is only one component of the puzzle. Furthermore, when purchasing power parity (PPP) differences are considered, the computations become simple. PPP analyzes the currencies of two countries using a mechanism known as “basket of goods.” In other words, if the portfolio of items in both counties is priced the same, the two countries are equal.As a result, the procedures might still be supplied at a high price to compensate for what is spent.

As a result, the United States and Turkey have a PPP ratio of 1.451. In other words, even though both countries manufacture their products domestically, production prices in other countries are greater than in Turkey.

So, one can conclude that even if the prices are high for the people living in Turkey, for the people who come from other countries such as UK and USA, the costs of living becomes affordable. Of course the main reason is the currency exchange rates but the second vital reason is totally about the purchasing power parity differences. Thus, anyone coming from the other countries finds it easy and cheap to get a cosmetic surgery such as hair transplantation, breast augmentation and etc.

Consequently, it is not about the quality but economics. One should look and study on monetary concerns, economy, and currency issues to understand why cosmetic surgeries or overall life costs are affordable or even cheap or low for the people coming from Europe or USA.

In a word, the answer to why cosmetic surgeries are less expensive in Turkey is a fundamental knowledge of how the world works. The low pricing is not about the quality of the service or the outcomes of the surgeries but it is all about the economics. As a medical tourist earning money in dollars, euros, or pounds, the rates may be low. When the costs are comparing the cost of living in Turkey, from lodging to food, entertainment, and bills, the total value of surgeries in Turkey is out of reach for the majority of the population. Turkey produces its own equipment, reducing the extra costs associated with shipping, logistics, and customs. Furthermore, based on purchasing power discrepancies, Turkey manufactures items at a lower cost than the United States.


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