Why Drew Barrymore feels “relieved” after being nominated for six Daytime Emmy Awards at a talk show

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Drew Barrymore loves life as a talk show host! The 47-year-old actress talked to Seth Meyers on Tuesday night about the success of her daytime show, the Drewbury More Show.

Myers began a conversation with Ballymore by celebrating her and the show’s six Daytime Emmy nominations. “I still think peace of mind is a big definition of joy,” Ballymore replied. “Similarly, I’m so relieved that it’s working, so we can stay.”

“I’m too obsessed with it,” continued Ballymore. “All of my value and happiness is in this show … I seem to be invested too much. And every season you know, you don’t know, just like you go to that finish line It’s … For example, you see a cliff and are more and more depressed by the idea that it won’t come back. “

It’s no wonder Ballymore is investing in her show. Prior to her second season, she told ET about her excitement for the talk show to continue.

“We’re going to launch with Jennifer Aniston, someone who could be one of my favorites on the planet,” she shared. “I’m so excited because it’s a movie star, an entertainer, a woman, a human, and a person who surprises us all. She has a long life. I love this woman. This is with her. I can’t believe I can do it. “

“No one wants to hear more than her,” continued Ballymore. “I realized she was an extraordinary woman who caught our attention and had a long time. It’s everyone’s dream to make her the first guest. Any guest. Jennifer If Aniston comes to play in your field, you know it’s the best day ever. Give her an afternoon away from the feeling that she was “it was different”. I would like. I find this great. I was myself. “

For Ballymore, the show is a balancing act.

“For me, things like this are inspirational, finding the artistic balance of conversations with people you know and love, you’ve never heard of, and now you can’t get out of your heart. It’s about meeting people who are getting rations. “She explained. “Food, design, news … but how do we work and be a little more diverse?”

Ballymore said: “I’m from the playful era of television. There were so many talk show hosts carrying that torch on an ongoing basis. It’s always been the art of how to bring it to the daytime. This season. Is a great opportunity to continue … and I think it’s time to regain the sweetness of television. There was kindness and hope that we needed to regain. “

The “Drevery More Show” will be broadcast globally at 3:00 pm EST on weekdays.

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Why Drew Barrymore feels “relieved” after being nominated for six Daytime Emmy Awards at a talk show

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