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Why Do We Celebrate the 4th of July?

The 4th of July, also known as Independence Day, is an annual American holiday celebrated on July 4th. As you plan your festivities, whether it’s watching fireworks, shopping great sales, or sharing meaningful quotes, you might wonder about the history and significance of this day. Here’s a guide to understanding the 4th of July and how you can celebrate it.

What Day Does the 4th of July Fall on This Year?

This year, the 4th of July falls on a Thursday. Here’s when it will fall in the coming years:

  • 2025: Friday
  • 2026: Saturday
  • 2027: Sunday
  • 2028: Tuesday

When the 4th of July falls on a Tuesday or Thursday, many employees get an extended weekend, with time off on the adjacent Monday or Friday.

Why Do We Celebrate the 4th of July?

The 4th of July marks the day the Declaration of Independence was adopted in 1776, making the United States an independent nation. Americans celebrate with festivals, parades, fireworks, barbecues, and other activities to commemorate the country’s birth.

Which Country Did We Declare Our Independence From?

The United States declared its independence from Great Britain. Before America became an independent nation, it was made up of 13 colonies established by the British. These colonies sought independence due to oppressive British policies and taxation without representation.

What Led the Colonists to Seek Independence?

Tensions rose when Great Britain imposed taxes and laws on the colonies without their consent. Events like the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party further fueled the desire for independence, leading to the Revolutionary War, which began in April 1775.

What Happened on July 4, 1776?

In June 1776, the Continental Congress met in Philadelphia where Richard Henry Lee proposed the motion for independence. The Declaration of Independence was adopted on July 4, 1776, officially establishing America as an independent nation.

Interesting 4th of July Facts

  1. Mock Funerals: Some colonists celebrated in 1776 by holding mock funerals for King George III.
  2. First Celebration: The first annual celebration was on July 4, 1777, in Philadelphia.
  3. John Adams’ Belief: John Adams believed Independence Day should be on July 2 and refused to attend 4th of July events.
  4. Historical Deaths: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both died on July 4, 1826. James Monroe died on July 4, 1831.
  5. First White House Celebration: Thomas Jefferson was the first president to celebrate Independence Day at the White House in 1801.
  6. Federal Holiday: The 4th of July became a federal holiday in 1870 and a paid holiday for federal employees in 1941.

4th of July Traditions

  • Fireworks: A staple of 4th of July celebrations, symbolizing the festivities.
  • Sparklers: Popular among families for their colorful sparks.
  • Barbecues: A common way to celebrate with hot dogs, hamburgers, and picnic sides.
  • Backyard Games: Activities like cornhole are popular during 4th of July gatherings.
  • Parades: Communities often hold parades featuring floats and music.
  • Wearing Red, White, and Blue: Many people dress in the colors of the American flag.
  • Patriotic Crafts: DIY decorations and crafts are common activities.
  • Waving Mini American Flags: A popular way to show patriotism, especially at parades.
  • Traveling: Many Americans take trips to lakes, oceans, mountains, or historic cities.
  • Shopping Sales: The 4th of July is known for great sales on various items.

The 4th of July is a cherished holiday for many Americans, celebrating the country’s independence with friends, family, food, and fun. Happy birthday, USA.

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