Why actress Julie Dupage loves her new triple action anti-aging serum

During the harsh winter, Julie tried Lancome’s new Renergy Triple Serum in search of skin care that would help correct the signs of aging.

For those who don’t know me, I’m living a pretty busy life. I’m an actress, a TV host, a columnist, and a happy mother of two teenagers. My schedule is never the same. Some days are in writing mode, while others are spent in the hustle and bustle of shooting. Whenever possible, I try to attend workout sessions. The only common denominator? I wake up at dawn and can’t get enough sleep.

This lack of sleep can really be reflected in my skin. It becomes drier and more sensitive and lacks tone, hardness and brilliance. I enjoy skin care, but it has to be quick and effective, and very simply, it has to provide results.

My skin care routine was initially influenced by my mother. I was impressed with her beauty and used to observe her make-up routine when I was young. She used Lancome at the time, but she never forgets her Bienfite Dumatan tinted cream and its sacred scent. My relationship with Lancome began long ago and is closely tied to my memory as a little girl. It made a lot of sense when Lancome Canada asked me to join them as their ambassador last summer, as it’s a tradition that continues to this day with my daughter Billy. There is no coincidenceI thought of myself.

I’ve been using a new one since last December Lancome Renergy Triple Serum, Three active ingredients combine to give the skin a super strong triple action anti-aging uplift. A new generation of hyaluronic acid is an amazing ingredient that is very useful after the age of 40 and is effective for firmness, hydration and plumpness. The combination of Vitamin C and niacinamide is very effective for skin color, increasing shine and reducing brown spots. This unfortunately appears over time. And finally, ferulic acid is a protective super-antioxidant that reduces the signs of aging.

Each element is protected by a separate compartment in the package, which protects it from air, impurities and strong light, improving component stability and performance. The important thing is that they don’t combine until the moment they are used, only when the pumps are pushed. This anti-aging technology and packaging is innovative!

Apply Renergy Serum in the morning and evening before day or night cream. One or two pumps will suffice. The three textures work together to form a triple dose. This is very comfortable and is absorbed quickly. One is creamy, the other is a light emulsion and the final texture is a gel. Also, take this opportunity to massage your face for a few seconds.

Essence is suitable for all skin types and is effective for dry skin with sensitive skin.During the cold winter I sometimes layer Renergy Triple Serum Get an even better hydration boost on top of the Advanced Génifique Serum.

Are you satisfied Renergy Triple Serum?? Yes, for many reasons. I continue to use serum every day and the results are immediately apparent. This is important to me. Even after a short night’s sleep, my skin is moisturized and plump, but my skin is bright and smooth. In addition, my wrinkles, fine lines, and small brown spots on the left side of my cheeks are much less noticeable.

If you like the idea of ​​a skin care routine that brings multiple benefits in one step, like me, you will love this serum too.

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Why actress Julie Dupage loves her new triple action anti-aging serum

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