Why Aaron Judge’s season with the Yankees should be judged by more than home runs

After hitting his 60th home run of the season on Tuesday, it seems fair to predict that Aaron Judge will hit 61 in 2022, breaking the American League record since 1961.

Given that the only players beyond that are confirmed or definitively suspected steroid users Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa, it’s not a true or clean one for many. A mark that is considered to be a record.

Whether or not you accept that logic, by the end of the season, Judges will almost certainly surpass Roger Maris, setting a new mark for AL hitters to chase for years to come.

That alone is noteworthy, but it underestimates the excellence of the New York Yankees’ outfielders.

For reference, when Roger Maris hit 61 homers in 1961, his OPS+ was 167. His OPS was . 993 with a league average of . As of Wednesday, Judge’s OPS is 1.123 against his league average of 708. This is good for his 214 OPS+.

On the surface, the numbers are undoubtedly impressive, but they don’t seem historical. If the season ended today, this would be his 47th mark, the highest ever.

However, it comes with some big caveats.

First, of Judge’s 46 seasons above OPS+, only 39 occurred before 1947. It shouldn’t be discounted outright, but the pre-merger stats came in a league with a talent pool that wasn’t as deep as it is today.

Two of the seasons were delivered by players who participated in shortened seasons (Juan Soto in 2020 and Jeff Bagwell in 1994). His five of them belonged to Bonds and Maguire.

In other words, Ted Williams and Mickey Mantle in 1957 were the only players to score more OPS+ than Judges for a full season without an asterisk. It’s almost impossible to compare from today’s games.

Judge’s offensive performance is the best the majority of baseball fans have ever seen, as judged by his all-in-one stats that react to offensive environments through the ages.Behind Bonds and Maguire If you want to say it deserves a spot, there needs to be some debate there, but in the end, we’re still seeing performances that are rarely seen.

As much as the Yankees and anyone wearing pinstripes has caused hatred among baseball fans across North America, it deserves recognition. , and leads the major leagues in total bases.

Not even Bonds or Maguire have ever achieved that feat. This is an achievement related to legends such as Babe his Ruth and Josh his Gibson who played nearly a century before him. Xander Bogaerts and Luis Alaez could ruin the party, but he’s now in a position to win the Triple Crown.

Thanks to Statcast, we also know that Judge’s success this season isn’t cheap. Baseball According to his Savant’s expected metrics, his power output and overall power output should actually be slightly higher.

Perhaps that’s not surprising given that he’s in the 100th or 99th percentile on all contact quality indicators.

Given his success, the teams he’s playing for, and his height, it’s unfair to covertly describe everything Judge does. It’s based solely on his home run total at this point, which is an oversimplification.

The 30-year-old’s season is in the midst of an all-around Tour de Force that is rarely seen in the sport. His 2022 season will go down as one of the greatest offensive campaigns of all time, barring a final slump of epic proportions.

Perhaps most importantly for Judge, he produced the best signing year imaginable.

Why Aaron Judge’s season with the Yankees should be judged by more than home runs

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