Which players to watch in this year’s Grey Cup

Yes, it’s December and no, this isn’t when we’d usually be getting excited about all things Grey Cup. It’s not the first time, but seeing the Grey Cup take place in December is still a little on the strange side, but it is what it is. The truth is regardless of when the action takes place, millions of Canadians will be lapping up the game and enjoying every second.

This year’s Grey Cup is a rerun of 2019 with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers facing the Hamilton Tiger-cats. The Hamilton Tiger-cats haven’t taken the Grey Cup since 2013 and so will be hoping for something a little special. According to Betway, Winnipeg are firm favourites so there is a good chance that the Tiger-cats will be left a little deflated. Both teams have some fantastic players who will be giving their all on the field. Here’s a look at four who are well worth keeping an eye on.

Kenny Lawler – Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Let’s be honest, you can’t have expected to see a list of players worth watching without Lawler making an appearance. As the leagues leading receiver, there was just no way that we could go ahead without featuring his name.

With some 64 passes for 1,014 yards and six touchdowns, Lawler has proven his worth and shown why he will be one to watch on 12th December. The Bombers are known for their greatness when it comes to spreading the ball to their receivers, but Lawler has made himself the go-to guy.

Jeremiah Masoli – Hamilton Tiger-cats

Masoli almost left himself down with a poor performance against the Argonauts as the season was coming to an end. That being said, what he showed for the rest of the season was something quite different. It is fair to say that we have seen Masoli playing his very best football. Having thrown nine touchdown passes, this is a player on fire.

If Masoli can put his Argonauts blip to one side, he will play a valuable part in the Grey Cup and could end up playing a pivotal role.

Zach Collaros – Winnipeg Blue Bombers

2021 has been a special season for Collaros. His play with Lawler sees them being a force to be reckoned with and one that strikes fear into other teams. The football that Collaros has produced this year has seen him being awarded the West Division’s Most Outstanding Player award.

If Collaros can keep up his form then his contribution in the Grey Cup is likely to be remarkable. Collaros is well worth watching, but watching him interact with Lawler makes this even more exciting.

Tunde Adeleke – Hamilton Tiger-cats

Adeleke isn’t a player that grabs headlines. Instead, he quietly gets on doing what he does best. As the last line of defence, he has shown himself to be more than reliable and has become a figure that the Tiger-cats can rely on.

His performance in the Grey Cup could make all the difference for his team who will be keen to avoid another defeat to the Bombers.


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