Where to Stream Martin Scorsese’s ‘Lost’ Masterpiece ‘Goncharov’?

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Goncharov The best movie you will ever see. Billed as “the greatest Mafia movie of all time,” this Martin Scorsese-produced 1973 mobster blockbuster starring Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Cybill Shepard was directed by Matteo JWHJ 0715. I was. Also: it’s not real.

Over the past few days, smart creative weirdos still using Tumblr have The fictional lost Scorsese movie, leading up to its story problem production and release, Scene analysis, thematic discussion, letter box review, realistic posterWhen fan artAnd it’s all based on Weird and random copy of Tumblr A user found it on the label of a counterfeit boot. Of course it is.

What is Goncharov about?

In an alternate universe, Goncharov It exists and is widely regarded as one of the greatest films ever made, but even there it was never officially released and is ineligible for an Academy Award, Palme d’Or or Nobel Prize. was (perhaps of Lisembourg Film Festival?) Among themA memorable character in is the titular GOncharov, a Russian gangster who appeared in Naples. his beautiful and ambitious wife Katya; and that the violent psychopath/hitman Icepick Joe, who has a penchant for killing people with his icepick, is a psychosexual projection of the unspeakable trauma that befell him as a child in a Belarusian orphanage. is clear.

favorite Goncharov Development: A.After an eagle-eyed Tumblr-er spotted Lynda Carter, before she became famous for her role as “Dancer No. 2.” Goncharov, actual Produced by Lynda Carter Photo of She herself and Henry Winkler attended the film’s premiere at Grauman in 1973.Chinese Theater. This meme is Wonder Woman approved!

Where can I stream “Goncharov”?

can’t stream Goncharov It’s nowhere because it sadly doesn’t exist, but that doesn’t mean it’s not your favorite movie. Tumblr lore When You can throw out the takes you think are ridiculous (is Ice Pick Joe actually an alien? Seriously?) and create the gay ’70s gangster movie of your dreams. However, please note the following: onset interaction The relationship between Cybil Shepherd and Scorsese is very problematic by today’s standards. Anything70’s Needs Scorsese PA to Following Shepard around a set in an antique wheelchair, method acting or not, was ridiculous.

Why should I bother with this nonsense?

you should care Goncharov Because it’s a living, organic satire of film criticism, a testament to the “fun” internet of elaborate memes created by real people. i’m not trying to sell you pushing something or pushing hate The minutes still exist. The real internet has always been in front of you on Tumblr.

Twitter has always been silly, but now that it has slipped rapidly into a hellish cesspool of right-wing influencers and bot farms and down an even scarier drainpipe, I’m revisiting Tumblr.Me Might try to dig up my old stuff Enter your password to join the online party.Moreover, it is possible nude again. It may sound strange, but that’s what we call it here. Tumblr is the wave of the future.

Where to Stream Martin Scorsese’s ‘Lost’ Masterpiece ‘Goncharov’?

Source link Where to Stream Martin Scorsese’s ‘Lost’ Masterpiece ‘Goncharov’?

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