When Kikuchi loses control, the Blue Jays pitching problem gets worse.

Oakland, CA-The experience of Yusei Kikuchi is certainly one hell of a wild journey. please think about it. A raw one that simply pierces. Nevertheless, an approach to the frequently changing repertoire and pitch usage. And an unstable command to spike volatility just to keep things spicy.

Therefore, 16 begins in the first left-handed season at the Toronto Blue Jays. Fluctuations in his performance are ubiquitous, much like when the pitch chart walked five batters on Tuesday and hit another two in 2.1 innings. 5-3 defeat to Oakland Athletics.

Incredibly, he could give up only four runs and spend a very ugly night with a chance to win, allowing nine of the 14 batters he faced to reach the base. I was able to do it. Still, Kikuchi again threw an unfair workload on the embarrassed bullpen with José Berríos, who was volatile to start the finale of the Matinee series on Wednesday, in less than four innings, his eighth time this year.

Therefore, it is not optimal.

Of course, the bigger question is what to do with Kikuchi.

His last outing-one walk with a 4-1 victory at the Tampa Bay Rays and six innings with one runball with eight strikeouts-suggested significant progress. After switching to the slider earlier this year, he returned to throwing the cutter, and there was reason to be optimistic that he found a zone with his four seamers and found a good combination.

Next, the turmoil on Tuesday. Take a look at this pitch chart:

The speed is still there and he has made six outings that fixed the Blue Jays’ victory, so there’s always reason to believe that the next outing could be much better.

But that’s not happening almost consistently, and one of the assumptions that would make his discrepancy more acceptable (the rest of the revs record enough innings around him) collapsed. Suddenly providing the runway he needs is not so easy.

Well, if the alternative is attractive, it will make the decision easier. However, Casey Lawrence seems to have to start on behalf of Kevin Gausman, but can’t get rid of his smoked right ankle on Saturday’s line drive. Thomas Hatch is raging on Saturday’s season debut and Max Castillo is intrigued but certainly bets.

Given the landscape, there is reason to keep looking if Kikuchi might understand it.

Complicating the matter is the sudden fall of the Blue Jays into funk, which may be very well related to the fact that they have to constantly dig holes.

After Kikuchi gave up the first pair, the second Matt Chapman’s two-run homer tied things up, A scratched the third two, Kikuchi loaded the base, and then issued by Trent Thornton. One for the walk, the fourth solo shot of Teoscar Hernandez became a 4-3 game.

Stephen Piscotty’s solo blast at Thornton for the fifth time added insurance, and the Blue Jays were emptied after the first two batters arrived for the sixth time. Instead, a three-run home run before a bad send led to Alejandro Kirk being thrown home.

When Kikuchi loses control, the Blue Jays pitching problem gets worse.

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