What you need to know about public transport mask obligations

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Federal Judge of Florida Defeated federal order to mask passengers on all forms of public transport, Including planes and trains. So does that mean the masks are gone everywhere? Not exactly.

Federal mission has been suspended

First of all: YIn short, the court’s ruling means that federal regulations have not been enforced at the federal level.

Biden administration Said They said, “The next step,Please consider this to be temporary as this may include new regulations and court objections.The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) also says They do not enforce their obligations.

I still need a mask in some places

But that doesn’t mean Federal government It does not mean that the rules have not been enforced this is Automatically free for everyone.

First of all, it is advisable to wear a mask on trains, planes, buses, and elsewhere in limited space with others. The CDC recommends that you choose to wear a mask, even if it is not required by law or law.

The Flight Attendants Association has urged its members to “look for contact from your airline about what the new policy is.” This is also good advice for passengers.they Point out If you’re flying today and are told you need to wear a mask, it can take 24-48 hours for the new policy to be deployed and implemented. Please cool Don’t let the crew struggle with it. (Reading the space between the lines, it seems a little reassuring. Flight attendants Assaulted In an incident related to policy enforcement. )

The policy is currently up to the agency or company that operates the transit

Uber, Lyft, Amtrak all publication They do not enforce mask rules, as some airlines have done.

Meanwhile, Chicago’s CTA and Metra publication They are that is Still enforce their mask obligations. New York City MTAs carry out their MTAs. that too..However, several transportation authorities, including New Jersey Transit, first announced They kept their mission and then changed course.

This situation is evolving, so bring a mask (or wear it anyway), Don’t be surprised if the policy changes.

What you need to know about public transport mask obligations

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