What to expect from CB’s first How I Made It talk series

powered by the page of Canadian businessFall 2022 issue, How to make talk series upon October 12th A spectacular lineup Speakers sharing their journeys to success and their thoughts on the future of entrepreneurship in Canada. In partnership with Microsoft Canada, Amazon Canada, Elle Cuisine and the Business Development Bank of Canada, we are pleased to announce this first event to promote e-commerce, brand development, product innovation, sustainability and culture in a dynamic environment.

Enjoy all-day programming at Microsoft Canada’s headquarters in downtown Toronto. Think live Q&A, engaging breakout sessions, networking mixers, and lunch overlooking one of the city’s best views.

Details of the talented cohort are as follows:

Karen DanujajaCo-founder and CEO, Blume
Danudjaja is a respected entrepreneur who recognized a gap in the market and filled it with Blume, a superfood latte brand that offers versatile, organically formulated beverages for people at every stage of their wellness journey. Her fireside chat sets the tone for the event and breaks down how to build the right team for your business.

Sinead Boebelmodel, futurist, AI, future job expert
Sharing her evolution from model to futurist, Bovell’s keynote addresses her journey to success and what she sees for the future of Canadian fashion. She shares touchstones from her experience founding her WAYE, an organization that develops the next generation of business leaders for a world radically transformed by technology.

Chris BarryPresident, Microsoft Canada
As President of Microsoft Canada, Barry is responsible for leading a world-class team. He takes the stage to analyze his trends in his five businesses to watch, foster meaningful and lasting relationships, build diverse and inclusive teams, and drive positive organizational outcomes. Talk about your passion for it.

Jen HarperFounder, Cheekbone Beauty
Harper understands innovation. She’s been making a name for herself in the beauty industry for a few years now, but she quickly gained her popularity after appearing on her hit CBC show. Dragon’s DenFounder of Cheekbone Beauty discusses how value is turned into product innovation in a talk and Q&A.

Derrick FongFounder and CEO, Drop
Fung said a lot about starting a business when he launched Drop, a rewards app that currently boasts over 5 million members and ranks in the top 3 in both Canadian and US app stores. I learned. forbes Top 30 recipients under 30 share 5 tips to get your business off the ground.

Robin Goodfellowowner of VELA, founder of Little Bones Beverage Company
Goodfellow has designed bars in Toronto, in addition to his own venues such as Paradise Theatre, Osteria Rialto, Biltmore and Sarah. He shares his experience and expertise in the reconstruction process.

Michael KatchenFounder and CEO, Wealthsimple
Katchen, the acclaimed founder of fintech firm Wealthsimple, financial post“Change Agent” by CBsand one of the 50 most influential people in Toronto toronto lifeKatchen will be a guest speaker at the event’s closing night dinner to discuss ways to grow your business in Canada.

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What to expect from CB’s first How I Made It talk series

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