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What to do with surplus foreign currency after traveling

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When you’re packing for a trip, you might be thinking: The best way to get foreign currency to use while travelingEven if you think that, you probably don’t think about what to do with the leftover bills and coins when you go home.The last thing you have to do is convert back to US dollars You lose 2-5% (above) will be replaced. Here are some ideas on what to do instead.

Save it for your next trip. Stick to that currency if you think you might travel to another country using the same currency in the near futureYou don’t need to prepare cash before your trip because you can use it to pay after you return home. Landed at the airport, hopped in a taxi, after that Worried about getting cash (without paying ATM fees) after a good night’s sleep. However, due to the current high inflation rates in many countries, it is not advisable to hold all currencies.

Charge the transportation card. If you want to save some currency for your next trip but are worried you won’t remember or be able to track it, consider topping up your city transit card. For example, in Istanbul, you can load your leftover currency onto the city’s public transport Istanbulkart and be ready for your next trip.

Please donate. If you don’t want to keep your currency, consider donating it to a local school or charity. Many organizations are happy to accept foreign currency and can use it to help those in need. Similarly, many airports and airlines have some kind of donation program that you can donate to just before you leave the country.

Please sell. Some currencies sell for more than a coin or banknote value because people want to complete different collections. Check eBay’s current rates to see if it makes sense to sell some of your foreign currency.

Exchange it or give it to a friend. If you know someone who plans to travel to the country of origin of your remaining currency, offer to exchange it or give it as a gift. , avoiding losing money in the process.

I will keep it as a souvenir. If you want to keep some currency as a memento of your trip, that’s perfectly fine. You can frame it, scrapbook it, or store it in a safe place in your drawer.it can be fun Have a collection of banknotes or coins from every country you have visited.

I use it for souvenirs. If you don’t have plans to take another trip anytime soon and none of the other options on this list interest you, consider using whatever you have left. You may find the perfect gift or bring home your favorite food. fun.

Please exchange it for cash. Of course, if all else fails, you can exchange your foreign currency for cash in another currency.worldMust You have to pay a fee, but if you want to get rid of leftover currency as soon as possible, you can exchange it for cash at a local bank or currency exchange office. Please note that you may not get the best possible rate. That’s why it’s worth shopping before making a decision.

What to do with surplus foreign currency after traveling

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