What Makes the Royal Rumble the Best PPV of the Year?

Any professional sports player will have an aim – a tennis player probably wants to compete at Wimbledon and a football player likely has their sights on the World Cup. Wrestling is no exception, with wrestling superstars wanting to battle it out at WrestleMania. It’s a highlight of the wrestling calendar and the lead up to it, the Royal Rumble is just as exciting. For many people, The Royal Rumble kicks off the wrestling calendar and starts the year off perfectly.

In fact, the Royal Rumble is seen as such a significant event that past winners talk about it even today. Hacksaw Jim Duggan recently talked to Betway Casino about his love of the sport and what he feels it takes to be a winner at the Royal Rumble. “The whole thing is about longevity” is something that he believes passionately – staying away from other wrestlers in the ring as much as possible. The less contact you have with people, the better chance you have of staying in longer. So with many people tuning in to watch each year and wrestling superstars such as Hacksaw Jim Duggan talking extensively about the match – what is it that makes the Royal Rumble so good?

The Excitement

Without a doubt, the Royal Rumble offers up excitement and adrenaline time and time again. First, people wait excitedly to see where in the line-up their favourite wrestlers will be & how soon or late they will be entering the ring. With a new wrestler entering the ring every 90 seconds, there is always a new contender and always something new and exciting to watch.

The Line-Up

One of the things that fans love about the Royal Rumble is the line-up each year. Of course, every year we see a range of new wrestling superstars enter the ring wanting to come out on top. However, the nature of the wrestling event means that wrestlers are often encouraged to come out of retirement and try again. Wrestling fans tend to love their favourite wrestlers and as such, to see them back in the ring competing professionally is a real treat and something that they look forward to time and time again.

The Stakes

We know that WrestleMania is a highlight of the yearly wrestling calendar – and the fact that those victorious at Royal Rumble win a chance to compete at WrestleMania certainly helps to keep things interesting. The Royal Rumble might be seen as a bit of fun for some, but with such a large stake it’s definitely something that wrestlers take seriously.

The Drama

With the exception of 2021, the Royal Rumble takes place in front of a live audience – and this audience definitely goes mad for it. The adrenaline and the interaction between the wrestlers and the audience all add to the drama and make for an interesting watch.

The Royal Rumble is fast-paced, unpredictable and dramatic and it is these that help it to be considered the best PPV of the year.


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