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What is the ‘Girl Bro’ Meme? A Guide for Indifferent Adults to Child Culture

Image from the article titled The Out-of-Touch Adults' Guide to Kid Culture: What's Behind the 'Girl Bro' Meme?

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T.His Week in Youth Culture Might Make You WhiplashWe’re moving from very good internet stuff (hilarious silly memes, positive YouTubers) to very bad stuff (Manfluencer’s Andrew Tate, Meta’s scary VR platform) . horizon worldThe falcon cannot hear the falconer. Things fall apart. Center cannot be held. Enjoy!

Stare into the dead eyes of the future in Meta’s ‘Horizon Worlds’

Image from the article titled The Out-of-Touch Adults' Guide to Kid Culture: What's Behind the 'Girl Bro' Meme?

this week eEveryone’s favorite meta king, Mark Zuckerberg screenshot of his avatar in the magical virtual reality land of horizon world. Not at all. It’s hard to believe this image was posted to attract people to the game/platform.

The screenshot was ridiculed by almost everyone. Kotaku said Zack looked alike “A legless knockoff of a Nintendo Mii with some really weird buttons and corpse eyes,” thousands of Twitter users jumped at Zac for such a spicy take. @CybernetSauvig1: “This is for kids who grew up on wii sports but somehow at the same time are in their 60s and a year out of retirement.”

What’s Behind the “Girl Bro” Meme?

I love the “girlsplaining” meme aka “Girl Bro”. It took over the internet this week.according to know your memethe image of a young woman screaming into the ears of a bored-looking young man was born among Spanish-speaking members in 2019, but it really exploded this week at TWitter.Originally, astrology and titanicbut it quickly morphed into something more interesting — people using meme templates to explain the esoteric They are Passionate…in all caps. (favorite all memethis is Better To look and A few example than To explanation Who wouldn’t mind shouting the most fascinating thing ever to an indifferent world? That’s pretty much all I do.

What is the TikTok ‘Ring of Fire’ trend?

Sometimes you need to watch videos that are utterly stupid, utterly pointless, and do not redeem any social value.Videos that look like they were posted on TikTok #ringoffire tagHere’s how it works. Put Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” on the soundtrack and run down the road at night with the most ridiculous things imaginable. fish, table, 15 Jerky, propane tank, 40, pizza, bongos, Anything is fine. That’s all.i know it’s not sound Nice, but I envy you. Or maybe you’re drunk. anyway, check hashtags Dig up your own treasure.

Who is Andrew Tate?

I don’t want to write about Andrew Tate, but because if you know a young man between the ages of 16 and 25, he may have heard of Tate and take him seriously. . Tate, who has been called “the king of toxic masculinity,” Instagramand videos tagged #AndrewTate have garnered 12.7 billion views on #TikTok (many of which deserve criticism).

What’s so eye-catching about all this? The combination of misogyny and get rich quick, Hustler Hot air—the “content” that makes you want to take a shower Washes away odors. Anyway: Tate used to be a kickboxer and He was banned from the reality show after a video surfaced of him hitting a woman with a belt (he says it was consensual).he Now he calls himself a “life coach” and sells something. Stop thinking about Andrew Tate.

Viral Video of the Week: Staying in an Underwater Hotel

youtuber safiyani guard play a friendly match, An engaging YouTube channel with over 9 million subscribers.She does interesting things like let meinstagram choose her outfitand visit cheese themed Korean theme parkAdventure of the Week: Stay at Undersea hotel. You literally have to scuba dive to enter Jewels Lodge in Florida. This hotel was his research institute in the 1970s, so it’s not the world’s most luxurious bargain. It’s cramped, smells musty, just staring out the window, green muddy water with very few fish. In short, I wouldn’t want to stay at this hotel, but I’m glad there’s a video about it so you can see what it’s like to stay there.

That’s the point. Watching someone do something vaguely interesting isn’t all that fun. Glad SafiyaNygaard did it so I don’t have to.

What is the ‘Girl Bro’ Meme? A Guide for Indifferent Adults to Child Culture

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