What does travel insurance actually cover?

The COVID-19 pandemic remains a global health problem, and the Public Health Agency of Canada continues to advise Canadians traveling abroad to “practice enhanced health precautions.” Apart from requiring travelers to be vaccinated, Canadians are strongly advised to first check with their travel insurance company to see if they have sufficient coverage before traveling abroad.

But what exactly does travel insurance cover or don’t cover in this pandemic era?

New guide written by Insurance business Mark Rosanes outlines what travel insurance covers and other considerations that travelers need to remember.

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The coverage options available for travel insurance are:

  • Lost Baggage: If your baggage is lost, delayed or damaged while traveling, we will reimburse you for your personal belongings up to the specified compensation amount.
  • Emergency medical insurance: Pay for emergency medical expenses while traveling, such as hospital and doctor expenses and medical expenses. Some policies also cover the cost of repatriation and quarantine.
  • Flight Delays: If your flight is delayed longer than the specified time, you will be charged for accommodation and meals.
  • Travel Cancellation: Covers non-refundable or transferable costs if the trip fails due to an eligible event. Some policies also charge for unscheduled accommodation, meals, and flight rebookings.

But does standard travel insurance cover COVID-19 related events? Fortunately for travelers, travel insurance companies are beginning to offer protection against coronavirus-related turmoil. Everyone has two warnings:

  • Coverage may be “explicitly excluded” if the destination country has received a “Avoid Non-Required Travel” (Level 3) or “Avoid All Travel” (Level 4) recommendation at the time of purchase.
  • COVID-19 vaccination status may also affect coverage. Those who have not been vaccinated by choice may be declared ineligible by the insurance company.

A complete list of travel insurance companies offering COVID-19 protection is available here..

What does travel insurance actually cover?

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