What does MP ask when the Minister of Sports learns about sexual assault in Hockey Canada

Editor’s Note: The following story deals with sexual assault and may be painful for some readers.

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Parliamentarians asked the Canadian Sports Minister about what the government knew about alleged sexual assault at the 2018 Hockey Canada event and when.

Hockey Canada was recently called to the carpet by the Government of Canada and then lost corporate sponsorship over a response to alleged sexual assault in London, Ontario, the night after the 2018 Gala event.

Hockey Canada executives told the Government Standing Committee last month that they had notified Sports Canada of the allegations in 2018. New Democratic Rep. Peter Julian pointed out in a letter sent to Minister of Sports Pascalst On the Sports on Tuesday.

“Have that information been passed to the Minister of Sports?” Julian asked in a letter. “If not, why? If the minister was notified, why didn’t the minister act on that information?

“Parents with children in hockey have the right to know why Hockey Canada handled this case in such an irresponsible way and how the government responded.

“Canadians deserve to know what the government is doing specifically for real cultural changes in the face of sexual misconduct and assaults in Canadian hockey and other sports organizations across the country. To do.”

The ministry’s office did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

As TSN’s Rick Westhead first reported, Hockey Canada recently claimed to have been repeatedly raped by eight unnamed junior hockey players who were members of Canada’s men’s hockey team under the age of 20 that year. Resolved a lawsuit filed by a woman (currently 24 years old).

Those claims were not proved in court.

Hockey Canada executives appeared before the Canadian Heritage Standing Committee in Ottawa on June 20th. The Commission has scheduled another hearing from July 26th to 27th.

St-Onge has frozen federal funds in Hockey Canada until it produced a report by a third-party law firm hired by Hockey Canada to investigate the case.

When St-Onge was appointed Minister of Sports last October, she became the third person to oversee the portfolio since 2018.

Kirsty Duncan was Minister of Sports from January 2018 to November 2019.

The sport was then classified under Heritage and Minister Steven Guilbeault until St-Onge was appointed.

St-Onge issued this statement through a spokesperson when Sportsnet asked to comment on being summoned before the Heritage Commission on July 26-27 for testimony. I will cooperate with the Commission and promise to cooperate. “

Julian, on behalf of New Westminster-Burnaby, British Columbia, claims that there are too many unanswered questions at the hearing in Ottawa on June 20th. He requested further investigation by St-Onge.

“Canadians are shocked to hear about this situation and want to see action to prevent this from happening again,” he writes.

What does MP ask when the Minister of Sports learns about sexual assault in Hockey Canada

Source link What does MP ask when the Minister of Sports learns about sexual assault in Hockey Canada

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