West Kelowna entrepreneur sets sights on city council

A West Kelowna entrepreneur is running for city council in October’s city council elections.

In a statement, Okanagan native Garrett Milsap said he has worked for Fortune 500 companies, adding that his most recent initiative is Rad Relish Co., a local farm-to-table food company. rice field.

Millsap has also served on the board of the Kelowna Métis Association since 2017.

“My decision to run for city council was born out of my unwavering dedication to this community,” Milsap said. “As people who live, work and play here, I want to create a sustainable and prosperous city not only for the wonderful people of West Kelowna, but also for my children’s generation.”

Millsap said he plans to incorporate organizational elements and common sense into the council’s approach.

  • Making it affordable for families in West Kelowna (taxes, utilities, entertainment).
  • Efficiency at City Hall (burdened processes make things hard to get done);
  • Public safety (police, fire, ambulance, and round-the-clock enforcement in place).
  • Clean drinking water (ensuring West Kelowna’s new water treatment facility is world-class for future generations);
  • infrastructure (roads, sidewalks, bike lanes, drains);
  • parks and playgrounds accessible to all (development of underutilized park spaces);
  • Sustainable development and the creation of urban centers that bring economic and cultural benefits to future generations.

His campaign website is West Kelowna Council’s Millsap.

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West Kelowna entrepreneur sets sights on city council

Source link West Kelowna entrepreneur sets sights on city council

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