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West Kelowna City Mayor and City Council candidates sat in Lions Hall on Sunday (October 2) to share their thoughts and ideas with the community.

All but one candidate attended the two-hour forum hosted by the Greater Westside Board of Trade.

Candidates had 60 seconds to argue their point of view by taking questions via email from members of the community.

Hot forum topics include:

Improvements on Main Street

Andrew Kwaczynski (Mayor): “Public transport needs to be very affordable and accessible to everyone. It should run every minute.It would be helpful.Secondly, you need to talk to your neighbors in Kelowna.One of the main problems is that there is a traffic light when you cross the bridge.It is only 100 meters away. There are three lights within and it’s totally insane.”

John S. Martin: “We need to attract businesses that attract and entertain the people who use the area. They need to move around more and stay in the area, so we need to formulate some attractions like our museum in the area. There is. Make it more feasible and attractive to go to that museum and take advantage of its underutilized facilities.”

Sylvia Dorn: “It’s the saddest, ugliest place you’d ever want to visit. There’s nothing glamorous about it at all. I think the city needs to not just talk about it, but deal with it and get things done.” We need an art gallery, there are so many talented artists here who don’t have a place to display their artwork, we can have a live theater in the same building.”

Changes and additions to cities

Garrett Millsap: “We don’t have an arts or culture scene here in West Kelowna. We really need to enhance recreation, arts and culture with families. Parents say, ‘My kids have nothing to do in West Kelowna. We go to Kelowna to use their facilities. We need: We can’t end the cycle of homelessness and drug addiction if West Kelowna doesn’t have facilities for children, they have nothing to do, they’re going to be bored, and their kids are bored. When they will find out to do bad things.”

Gord Milsom (Mayor): “We need to stand up more for low-income seniors. We need to do more for them, especially in two areas. One is housing. communities have only 400 subsidized housing provided primarily by BC Housing If you look at Burnaby or Penticton there are over 2,000 units that’s not right We work with non-profits to help BC We need to work with housing to develop subsidized housing opportunities for low-income seniors.Rent is too high….I can’t afford to take a taxi to go to a medical facility, to move around the city. The Westside Health Network is a great organization, but there are only so many ways we can help.”

Rick de Jong: “I think the biggest challenge we are working on is managing our growth as we develop as a community. but it is your new council that will adopt that official community plan, so this growth we are experiencing as a community will affect each one of us, so choose who and How they feel matched is important. It affects everything, even people.We play and work.”

vandalism and crime

Bryden Winsby: “We are of course dealing with something here that is primarily state and federal authority. Is there a role to play as a city? Of course there are problems, but the problems here. We need to be able to clearly understand the scope of and identify possible solutions, but we must seek people who can fund it and legislate it appropriately. It’s been a long time since I’ve been allowed to go back to the streets without knowing how to deal with criminals.That’s probably the biggest problem for me.”

Tasha da Silva: “This is a symptom of a bigger problem. Vandalism is often people with mental health, complex additions, abusive backgrounds, and homelessness. It’s a combination of that. A lot of it.” has to do with advocacy at the state level, we need to speak up at the state level to get more time in emergency care centers across the bridge for those who really need it. We need to run more programs, we need to defend more RCMP officers, and we should be about 70 and 31 to be on par with the rest of Canada. think.”

Stephen Johnston: “One of the things you probably don’t know is that we have a community status table. With vulnerable individuals contributing to the rise in vandalism, they meet regularly to discuss these complex cases … that there is no end to the shelters and interim housing developments we can do. I really believe build to keep up with the problem the state seems to be working hard on first aid solutions i used to see these vulnerable people on the streets sitting in elementary and high school classrooms What are we doing to identify and fix the problem?”


Anthony Bastiaanssen: “We have to attract and encourage the kind of development that we want. But it won’t happen if we don’t provide incentives to build affordable housing. We must use the tools available.”

Jason Friesen: “We need to ensure affordable housing. We on the Council have the opportunity to incentivize and mandate different types of housing. We have an opportunity to encourage densification if we want to go below … we need to attract developers like they say they want to develop the type of housing we need, we have a need assessment for new housing. It’s in our hands, we need a plan of action now.”

Tom Groat: “We produced the West Kelowna Housing Needs Assessment report in April, which we believe is a guiding tool for identifying where the demand is and addressing it. Securing federal funding through state funding such as the BC Assisted Housing Fund will go a long way toward creating a healthier housing situation in West Kelowna.”

transportation and infrastructure

Rusty Ensign: “I think the best way we can lobby the state first is probably the quickest and cheapest solution. We are also working with the City of Kelowna to remove the lights on Abbott Street to allow free-flowing traffic through Kelowna and not just us, but everyone above and below this valley. So we need to work with all the other municipalities in the valley to reach out to the state.”

Carol Zannon: “I would like to address this issue in two parts. I’ve already talked about some things, but again, we need to improve the couplet situation and we need to look into it. We are developing a new OCP and a transportation master plan will be developed for the new council to finalize, fix 200 changes in it, and straighten the signal through Kelowna.”

Jasmine Jane Naaykens did not attend.

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West Kelowna Candidates to Discuss Housing, Transportation and Infrastructure at Forum on Sunday – Kelowna Capital News

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