Wendy Williams reveals the effects of lymphedema: “I can probably only feel 5 percent of my feet.”

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Wendy Williams is becoming a reality about her health.In her new interview with TMZWilliams has become frank about the fight against lymphedema, a condition that causes swelling of the arms and legs due to obstruction of the lymphatic system.

Williams is “100% retired” from The Wendy Williams Show, but she said she was interested in starting a line of podcasts and sneakers for those suffering from the effects of lymphedema.

“You know I have lymphedema, you know what it is, is it correct?” Williams interviewed TMZ’s Harvey Levin and Charles Lativodiere during an interview. Asked TMZ liveThe pair answered “no”.

“Okay, don’t you know lymphedema? Okay, I’ll show you,” Williams said, reaching out to lift what looks like a very swollen foot as a result of a continuous fight against the disease. .. “Okay, this is lymphedema. Do you see it here? Look. No, look closely.”

“Can you see this?” Williams went on to keep his feet up towards the camera. “It’s up and down. I can only feel 5% of my feet. Do you know?”

According to Williams, the condition is bad enough that he may be in a wheelchair.

“This usually means I’m in a wheelchair,” she shared. “I’m not in a wheelchair. I stand.”

When it comes to how she feels physically, Williams said she’s getting better.

“It’s better than you,” Williams jokingly said.

Regarding Williams’ next, she’s likely to follow the podcast route, and the former TV show host tells the outlets that she’ll make more money than the Wendy Williams Show.

“When you’re famous, podcasts will make more money for me than they’re famous. The Wendy Williams Show“Williams said.

She continued. “So the podcast. Where are you going? I don’t know. Europe, you know. France. Her connection with the media will provide her with some interesting guests, he added.

She didn’t reveal too many details, but Williams confirmed that she had completely run out of television.

“Sorry, I’m 100% retired at the Wendy Williams Show. I don’t want to appear on TV except for guest hosting, “she continued.

The Williams health update will take place just days after the Wendy Williams Show has been successful for 13 years.

In the final episode of the show, guest host Sherri Shepherd said goodbye to the show, calling Williams an “icon” and then praising her long run on daytime television.

“Miss Wendy, you are an icon and you are loved by so many people,” Shepherd said, encouraging the chorus of the “Wendy” chant.

“First and foremost, we must thank Wendy Williams,” Shepherd added. “You have to say — no one like Wendy Williams. From the days on the radio to the daytime stories of the 13th season, Wendy has won the title of Queen of All Media. If you think about it, Wendy Williams has her unique take “Hot Topics”, an interview with her unique celebrity, the signature “As Wendy” segment, and, of course, her famous “Genki”. shellfish?'”

The final show also included a video montage of Williams’ reign on daytime television.

Williams, who has been the show’s first host since his debut in 2009, hasn’t hosted since 2020, after countless health issues have kept her away from the air.

When she was absent, many guest hosts, including Fat Joe, Remy Ma, Leah Remini, Michael Rapaport, and Shepherd, talked about “hot topics” and interviewed celebrity guests. In February, it was announced that the show would officially end in the fall and Shepherd would host her own daytime talk show entitled “Sherry.”

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Wendy Williams reveals the effects of lymphedema: “I can probably only feel 5 percent of my feet.”

Source link Wendy Williams reveals the effects of lymphedema: “I can probably only feel 5 percent of my feet.”

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