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Shoppers, get excited! The anniversary is officially one week ahead. This means that just by finishing this week, you can enjoy a nice long weekend, usually full of all the great deals that accompany the holidays. Fortunately, waiting for the end of this week doesn’t have to be as long and miserable as it sometimes is before the three-day weekend. We only have what you need to get your week started right.

Wayfair’s Memorial Day Clearance Event is officially held and you can win pretty great deals up to 89% off. Everything you need for your home after the summer season is now on sale at Wayfair. We’re talking about stylish cocktail glasses for summer entertainment, boho chic hammocks for complete relaxation, and the discovery of a colorful patio that will surely impress your guests.

Some of the best deals you can score right now are mattresses, bedding, pillows, sheets and more. If you want to refresh your bedroom and upgrade your bed for the new season, now is the perfect time to shop. Crazy to sell out quickly, like this $ 296 full-size memory foam mattress, which sells for just $ 62 today, and this prestigious $ 110 memory foam cooling pillow, which sells for just $ 28. I found a deal.

If you really want to win a budget-friendly deal, this contemporary duvet cover with over 3,000 perfect reviews originally costs $ 90, but today it’s priced at just $ 10!

It’s highly recommended to check out the Way Fair Memorial Day Clearance Sale to see what great discounts and goodies they have for you. Here are some of the favorite deals on the Wayfair sale. Check them out below.

Way Fair Memorial Day Sale: Earn $ 300 Memory Foam Mattress for $ 60! -E!online

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