Wawanesa launches new platform for independent brokers

The Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company has launched a new broker platform to make it easier for independent insurance brokers to access tools and resources.

Built from a complete implementation of Wawanesa’s Guidewire Insurance Suite, the insurance company was the first in Canada to offer all its products online. The new platform will allow brokers to access Wawanesa’s system to do business, file invoices and pay invoices directly. View reports and comprehensive dashboards.

As part of the launch of the new platform, Wawanesa said it is working to ensure a smooth transition to the new platform for all brokers using the previous legacy broker portal.

“Independent insurance brokers are an integral part of our community, helping Canadian families, farms and businesses protect their most important assets,” said Carroll Jardin, President of P & C Operations, Canada. Wawanesa EVP says. “That’s why Wawanesa is fully involved in brokers and is working to improve the broker experience at Wawanesa.”

Jardin also commented that “Wawanesa is investing to provide better services to brokers,” while other brokers are investing to compete with brokers.

“The advice, advocacy and services that insurance brokers provide to Canadians are unique. Wawanesa is proud to be 100% distributed across Canada as a broker,” she said. ..

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Last year, Wawanesa launched a digital education platform for brokers. This allows brokers to access training resources on demand. The platform, accessible on both computer and mobile devices, features multiple courses that are constantly updated.

Wawanesa launches new platform for independent brokers

Source link Wawanesa launches new platform for independent brokers

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