Watson to start Browns preseason opener as suspension looms

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CLEVELAND (AP) — Deshawn Watson’s debut with the Browns is tentative and subject to change.

Same for my first season in Cleveland.

Watson is set to start the exhibition opener — his first game action since 2020 — in Jacksonville on Friday, but the quarterback remains to be seen if the NFL will succeed in keeping him off the field for the entire season. waiting to confirm.

He faces a one-year suspension and fine from the league for sexual misconduct with 20 women while playing for the Houston Texans.

An independent arbitrator suspended Watson for six games last week, but the league was not happy with the decision and appealed, issuing a longer suspension and a hefty fine, before a return is considered. I hope he receives treatment.

That decision is expected soon.

Meanwhile, the Browns plan to see Watson play in a game.

For now, Watson’s scheduled game against the Jaguars will be his first game since Jan. 3, 2021, and his last with the Texans.

Watson, 26, was absent last season after demanding a trade and before being accused of assaulting and harassing women during a scheduled massage therapy session on Instagram.

Watson has denied any wrongdoing. His two grand juries in Texas rejected his indictment, and he settled 23 of the 24 civil lawsuits.

The Browns decided to move on from 2018 No. 1 overall pick Baker Mayfield, traded three first-round picks to the Texans, and in March signed Watson for the deal despite legal entanglements. He signed a five-year, $230 million deal.

Browns coach Kevin Stefanski plans to put Watson and “most” of the Cleveland starters against the Jaguars. The team didn’t know anything more specific about Stefanski’s plans before they flew to Florida.

Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson said Wednesday that quarterback Trevor Lawrence and Jacksonville starter will play a “couple series.”

Of course, it’s still possible that Watson won’t face the Jaguars.

Watson and the Browns believe they will miss just six games after league chief of discipline Sue L. Robinson ruled the quarterback violated the league’s personal conduct policy. I was. She also mandated that future massages be scheduled only with team-approved therapists for the rest of his career.

However, the league, which had sought an indefinite suspension and fine, felt that Robinson’s penalty was too light and appealed on August 3.

Watson’s future of play is currently being decided by Peter C. Harvey, who was appointed to handle appeals by Commissioner Roger Goodell. and is a member of the NFL’s Diversity Advisory Committee.

Harvey’s decision has no time frame.

At the owners’ meeting on Tuesday, Goodell said the league’s appeal was warranted based on the league’s own investigation and Robinson’s ruling.

“Because I saw the evidence,” Goodell told reporters. “She was very clear about the evidence. We have corroborated the evidence that there was.”

Robinson finds that the league has proven the fact that Watson has violated three articles of the Code of Conduct. It is sexual assault as defined by the NFL, posing a genuine danger to the safety and well-being of others and undermining or endangering the integrity of the league.

Watson took most of the snaps during training camp. The Browns plan to start veteran Jacoby in his Brissett while Watson is out, but the team will not allow Watson to be suspended for more than his double-digit games. may consider acquiring his QB.

Stefanski moved the Browns two days early for the preseason opener as he plans an undisclosed team-bonding activity.

Watson to start Browns preseason opener as suspension looms

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