VS Digital Health, a wholly owned subsidiary of Victory Square, has launched the Canadian Business Journal, a white-label virtual pharmacy and digital health platform.

Vancouver, British Columbia, March 7, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Victory Square Technologies Inc. (“Victory Square”) or “Company”) (CSE: VST) (OTCQX: VSQTF) (FWB: 6F6), Ventures Investors with VC-level investment access to the biggest ideas developed by top startups around the world The studio provided is VS Digital Health Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary. We are pleased to be able to provide the latest information on (“VSDH”).

VSDH has launched a white-label digital health platform that enhances the health experience of consumers in a wide range of healthcare service providers (from private practitioners and small boutiques to large businesses) with a business-to-business (“B2B”) subscription model. rice field. Fixed annual rate and revenue sharing. The launch of VSDH provides Victory Square with the opportunity to expand into a variety of health and wellness areas.

Patients are increasingly looking for a convenient and remote digital health experience. Therefore, healthcare providers should provide a seamless and more integrated solution, including initial outreach and required follow-up, from online booking systems (via web portals or mobile applications) to virtual digital health counseling. Have been forced to.

VSDH provides its own digital health service with its own custom build. This allows users to book confidential health and wellness and / or medical services at home, in a hotel, in the office, or wherever they need assistance. The service also includes setting up a virtual pharmacy where you can order, pay and process online all in one place. This business model leverages decentralized healthcare to provide high-quality digital health (including medical, health and wellness services) to all 50 states in the United States in an efficient, scalable and cost-effective manner. increase.

Market potential

According to the 2020 National Nursing Labor Force Survey, the total number of valid licenses for nurses in the United States (total of registered nurses, practicing nurses and vocational nurses) in 2020 was approximately 5 million. Each nurse can leverage VSDH’s white label technology to become a potential partner who can easily transform their skill sets into profitable businesses on the platform.

VSDH’s white label technology and friendly PC legal structure bridge the gap between patients and healthcare providers while ensuring maximum security with a fully customizable and integrated platform. VSDH has a great advantage in supporting the growing demand for accessible healthcare services in a comprehensive market that includes nursing, physicians and other healthcare providers and professionals.

Victory Square CEO Shafin Diamond Tejani commented, “VSDH was created to support our own area of ​​health and wellness using a digital health platform. It is already on the market, especially given the technical flaws found in the products available. We couldn’t find the right solution on the market. The result is a white label platform that can be customized for a wide range of businesses, not just portfolio companies. “

Think of VSDH as Shopify for digital health. Whether you’re a small business, an individual such as a nurse, a medium-sized specialty and wellness company such as an IV bar, or a large healthcare facility, VSDH can support all your digital medical needs. “

VSDH White Label Platform and Features

VSDH’s White Label Software offers partners (“Partner”), With a customizable branded digital health platform, with a partner’s favorite color palette and icon set, and a partner’s complete suite of digital health software features, partner-specific onboarding, Training, and enabling them to create and complement operational systems How they do business. They can put their own apps in the app store for booking, scheduling, telemedicine, electronic prescription, telemedicine.

Built on a healthcare infrastructure powered by VSDH’s API, the virtual healthcare platform enables partners to create direct-sale e-commerce solutions that meet the specific needs of their members, including features such as: Provides the tools you need.

  • Customizable product suites (back office and user flow) allow partners to create branded company-specific internal and external structures
  • Uber-style remote patient booking and scheduling to improve patient interaction and usability
  • Digital health consultation service
  • HIPPA compliant architecture
  • Robust custom API facilitates integration with third-party software
  • Insurance integration
  • Marketplace and e-commerce pharmacy solutions that enable enterprise organizations to quickly launch branded mobile apps and platforms
  • Member payment flexibility
  • Services available in all 50 states
  • Customer service and medical support
  • Integrated function

Creating VSDH

With an investment in Victory Square Health Inc., the acquisition of Hydroight IV Inc. (see press release dated February 4, 2021), and the creation of VSDH, Victory Square has a strong presence in the mobile medicine and Medispa space. I am. VSDH is now providing white label technology to large franchises and organizations, allowing them to digitize their products in a relatively easy and efficient way. Victory Square also leverages VSDH’s white label technology at Victory Square Health (one of its portfolio companies) to provide Brazil’s first home lab testing service. Patients no longer need to make appointments and physically visit the lab, essentially bringing them to the lab with the comfort of their own home.

We have announced that our IR service contract with Edge Growth Holdings Corp (“Edge”) will end on March 11, 2022. Edge was paid in the range of $ 8,500 to $ 10,000 CAD per month based on the services provided. That contract.

Edge has provided investor / public relations services to the company to establish brand awareness, increase customer base market share, and at the same time increase awareness to the personal investment community.

We also posted a notice to shareholders of eligible dividends on their website in 2021. click here read more.

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On behalf of the board of directors

Shaffin Diamond Tejani
Chief executive officer
Victory Square Technologies

For more information about our company, please contact:

Investor Publicist – Abbey Vogt


Phone number: 604 283-9166

Media Contact – Peter Smyrniotis, Director

Phone number: 604 283-9166


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We do different things for startups

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We do different things for investors

VST is a listed company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange (VST), Frankfurt Stock Exchange (6F6), and OTCQX (VSQTF). It provides investors with early-stage access to the next unicorn before it becomes a unicorn. Our portfolio represents a unique, fluid and secure way for investors to access the latest cutting-edge technologies. Our focus on rapidly expanding market-ready solutions allows us to deliver strong and stable returns while leveraging new global trends with significant benefits.

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Description of future prospects

This news release contains “Future Outlook Information” in the sense of applicable securities laws related to Victory Square’s business outlook. This includes, but is not limited to, statements about future performance, execution of business strategies, future growth, and business outlook. Opportunities for Victory Square and its affiliates, including VS Digital Health, IV Hydreight, and other factors beyond our control. Such forward-looking statements are “believe,” “expect,” “expect,” “estimate,” “intend,” “plan,” “continue,” “project,” and “potential.” , “Possible”, “contemplate”, “seek”, “goal”, or similar expressions, or “may”, “might”, “will”, “could”, “should”, “would”, or It may be shown as a forward-looking statement depending on the grammatical structure, wording, and context. All statements other than historical facts contained in this news release are forward-looking statements. Information about the future outlook is based on certain key expectations and assumptions made by Victory Square’s management. Victory Square believes that informed expectations and assumptions about such future prospects are reasonable, but Victory Square cannot give any guarantee that they are correct, so it has excessive confidence. Should not be placed. Actual results and progress may differ materially from those envisioned in these statements. The statements contained in this news release were made as of the date of this news release. Victory Square disclaims any intention or obligation to publicly update forward-looking information as a result of new information, future events, consequences, etc., except as required by applicable securities law. The Canadian Stock Exchange has not endorsed or denied the content of this news release and is not responsible for its validity or accuracy.

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VS Digital Health, a wholly owned subsidiary of Victory Square, has launched the Canadian Business Journal, a white-label virtual pharmacy and digital health platform.

Source link VS Digital Health, a wholly owned subsidiary of Victory Square, has launched the Canadian Business Journal, a white-label virtual pharmacy and digital health platform.

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