Visionstate’s WANDA ™ supports the rapid expansion of software activation across several new sectors, Canadian Business Journal

Edmonton, Alberta, March 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Visionstate Corp. (TSXV: VIS) (“Visionstate” or “Company”) is pleased to announce the tremendous growth in sales and deployment of its unique WANDA ™ cleaning tracking technology in increasingly diversified locations.

Following strong penetration into the healthcare and academic community, the first quarter of 2023 included the addition of two senior care facilities, four shopping centers, and a substantial university campus in Canada. Visionstate’s WANDA ™ footprint is also integrated with its huge US customers, one of the world’s largest private real estate equity companies.

It is estimated that unique Internet of Things (IoT) activations will include 130 deployments within Canada’s large universities and an additional 100 deployments within senior care facilities. In addition, expected expansions within Canada’s metropolitan areas could add another 200 activations to this cleaning, maintenance, and inventory tracking technology. The expected pricing range could include $ 15.95 to $ 24.95 per month for 36 months of revenue.

The most significant growth is related to the company’s mobile app, which was introduced to the market in 2021, and is an evolution of the toilet-centric touchscreen tablet that formed the original WANDA ™ IoT application. Mobile apps have significantly reduced the initial cost of implementing the solution, reduced installation-related requirements, and significantly expanded the capabilities of WANDA ™ technology.

“In early 2021, the company relied on tablets for toilets,” Putters explained. “Since the COVID-related restrictions were lifted, there has been a significant surge in both the adoption of our technology and the level of interest in adopting WANDA ™ as a standard cleaning protocol. Can track virtually anything, inside or outside the facility, with virtually no upfront investment. For example, use a QR-coded WANDA ™ mobile to track cleaning activities and keep them clean from the general public. There are municipalities that collect valuable information about this, including everything from publicly accessible ashtrays to garbage bins, and if the municipality is interested in cleanliness and public awareness. It also shows that WANDA ™ is the ideal solution to achieve those goals. “

The surge in WANDA ™ sales is also due to the adoption of mobile apps in cleaning programs, including those offered by Visionstate partners at the forefront of cleaning and hygiene programs around the world.

About WANDA ™

Designed to track cleaning and maintenance activities, the mobile version of WANDA ™ has unlimited expandability, including hospitals, airports, shopping centers, community recreation facilities, schools and universities, senior care facilities, and more. Furthermore, it can be applied to various industries such as large municipalities. Mobile apps can also be deployed quickly and are based on a subscription model, reducing upfront costs.

Visionstate charges a monthly or annual subscription fee for each mobile application activation and measures success based on customer acquisition rates. This is a standard measure of performance for technology companies based on the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Customer acquisition increases residual income over the 36-month period of each contract, resulting in a high margin on sales.

About Visionstate Corp.

Visionstate Corp. (TSXV: VIS) is a growth-oriented company that invests in the research and development of promising new technologies in the areas of the Internet of Things, big data and analytics, and sustainability. Through Visionstate Inc., we help businesses improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction with state-of-the-art devices that track and monitor guest activity and requests. Its WANDA ™ smart device footprint now extends to hospitals, airports, shopping centers, and other public facilities both inside and outside North America. Visionstate Corp. continues to innovate, reduce its impact on the environment and transform the consumer experience by building a collection of synergistic technologies.

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Visionstate’s WANDA ™ supports the rapid expansion of software activation across several new sectors, Canadian Business Journal

Source link Visionstate’s WANDA ™ supports the rapid expansion of software activation across several new sectors, Canadian Business Journal

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