VIDEO: NYPD Cop Saves Man Who Fell On Subway Tracks By Bystander

Two New York City police officers and a bystander scrambled to rescue a man who had fallen over the tracks at a Manhattan subway station, pulling him out of the way of an oncoming train in a daring rescue. It was captured by an officer’s body camera.

The incident occurred around 4 p.m. Thursday at the 116th Street Station in East Harlem. The man who collapsed in the accident was taken to hospital with injuries to his hands and back.

Officers Brunel Victor and Tahike Boks were patrolling at the station when they saw the commotion and heard screams coming from the other side of the station, police said.

Police said they climbed up and down stairs, entered railroad tracks through an emergency exit, and pulled the man to safety with the help of bystanders who had already tried to help.

A bystander then helped the officer back to the platform, just before the 6th train entered the station.

“Our daily routine is to help people. We don’t care if we have to put ourselves in danger. That’s why we take this job,” Victor told WABC-TV. told to

Police Commissioner Keecchant Sewell praised the officers in a tweet, writing: Courage is second nature. Please pay your respects to these great cops! “

Officers Victor and Bok-su were assigned to the subway station as part of Gov. Kathy Ho-Chol and Mayor Eric Adams’ efforts to increase security in the system.

Giano Lieber, chairman and CEO of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which operates the subway system, said having additional officers on trains and stations “helps passengers feel safer. But in this case, it made possible the brave cop and the good Samaritan, a tradition of New Yorkers helping each other to save lives.”

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VIDEO: NYPD Cop Saves Man Who Fell On Subway Tracks By Bystander

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