Vance is 99% consistent with a child born after saying that Brennan’s relationship is over: paternity testing-nationwide

According to paternity testing shared with Global News, retired General Jonathan Vance is more than 99% likely to have a child with Major Kelly Brennan years after the sexual relationship is over. is.

A test conducted by Vence analyzed genetic material from one of the children he and Brennan claimed to be him, and found that Vence’s child’s father’s probability was 100% shy. I did.

“The alleged father cannot be ruled out as the biological father of the child being tested,” the test results said. “Based on the analysis … the probability of a father is 99.99991%.”

To protect the child’s identity, Global News has not disclosed his age, but Vance’s past that his sexual relationship with Brennan ended while he was stationed in Gagetown, New Brunswick in 2001. You can see that it seems to be inconsistent with the statement.

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Brennan testified before a parliamentary commission in April that Vance had two children beside her.

A paternity test of the second child did not find the possibility that Vance was the father.

Global News has contacted Vance and his lawyer in multiple ways over the last few days, but has not yet responded.

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Global News contacted Vance on February 1st regarding the allegations. When asked if he was the father of a particular child by name, Vance said: “I’m not.”

When asked by name if he was the father of another particular child, he said, “I don’t even know who these people are.”

The two children Vance was asked in February were paternity testing children.

Prior to reporting on February 2, Global News had informed Vance that it was facing allegations of inappropriate behavior from two female subordinates. Brennan later identified himself as one of the women at the heart of those claims.

Vance denied improper behavior at the time and said he had had a sexual relationship with Brennan in the past, but that relationship ended while he was in Gauge Town.

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“Are you 100% sure?” Global Mercedes Stephenson asked Vance on February 1.

“Yes,” Vance said.

Vance was also asked shortly after the call, “Have you had a sexual relationship since 2001?”

“Yes,” Vance replied.

He was also asked by Global News, “If the kids had a DNA test, it would be yours.”

“Maybe that’s right, that’s right,” Vance said.

“But that’s a pretty clear yes or no, right?” Stevenson asked again.

“Yes, if the DNA test goes that way, yeah,” Vance said.

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The gendarmerie began investigating allegations of improper conduct against Vance on February 4, and charged him with one charge of obstruction of justice on July 15.

According to court documents, the gendarmerie deliberately contacted Mrs. KB over the phone and persuaded her to make false statements between February 1st and February 3rd. I tried to interfere with the judicial process. ” Contrary to Section 139 (1) of the Criminal Code, on past relationships with the Canadian Armed Forces National Census Service. “

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The indictment was filed by the military police, but the proceedings are being processed by civilian authorities.

Vance will appear in court on September 17th.

Timeline: Canadian Army Sexual Misconduct Crisis

The allegations against him began to consider the treatment of sexual abuse by the Canadian Army. In particular, it is the role of the code of conduct for senior leaders and the chain of command to perpetuate the “toxic” culture of women and LGBTQ members.

Former Supreme Court judge Marie Deschamps documented the scope of the matter in her groundbreaking 2015 report on military sexual misconduct, but for six years the Liberal government created an independent reporting system. Did not pay attention to her important recommendation to do.

Deschamps found that a series of command reporting structures encouraged supervisors to wipe out allegations under the rug, causing conflicts of interest if the accused were superior to the claimant.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau said he supported an independent reporting system, but did not provide a timeline to create it and prosecuted either sexual assault or sexual misconduct. To private authorities who have not even stated whether to amend the Defense Law to require the military.

Former Supreme Court judge Morris Fish said in a June report that sexual misconduct was “rampant” and “destructive” in 2021 as it was in 2015.

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Another former Supreme Court judge, Louise Arbor, is currently leading an external review tasked with advising the government on the creation of an independent reporting system.

However, the final report is not scheduled by around March 2022.

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The military faces a second external review of sexual misconduct since 2015

The military faces a second external review of sexual misconduct since 2015 – April 29, 2021

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Vance is 99% consistent with a child born after saying that Brennan’s relationship is over: paternity testing-nationwide

Source link Vance is 99% consistent with a child born after saying that Brennan’s relationship is over: paternity testing-nationwide

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