Use nature for free Christmas decorations

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Want to save money on your holiday decorations this year? In addition to reusing (or repurposing) what you have from last year, you can give your festive decorations a new makeover with the help of nature.

How to Decorate for the Holidays with Nature Pieces

First, some ground rules. If you are lucky enough to own a garden house of your own, help yourself with what is there. Do not take it out. However, you can ask friends and family who have trees and gardens if they can stop by and help you clean up your property (i.e. find holiday decorations).

Anyway, here are some ideas:

evergreen branch

Evergreen branches are used for everything from garlands to tablescapes, wreaths, Greenery around the nativity scene. Place a few twigs in a clear glass jar, tie them with ribbon or string, and place them anywhere in your home.

No evergreens in your area? If you live near a Christmas tree pop-up, On the street, in a vacant lot, or in a parking lot, ask vendors if they have broken branches you want to remove, or if they have permission to pick up branches that are already in the ground.


Another winter staple, pine cones can be used in a variety of ways, including stuffing them in bowls and using them as centerpieces, making them ornaments, or gluing them together as a wreath.

sticks and twigs

Like evergreen branches, you can put a few twigs in a vase or glass jar for instant holiday decoration. Bend it to secure it and add some greenery, possibly pine cones, at the bottom to make a wreath.

Use nature for free Christmas decorations

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