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US Report: Approximately 400 Clashes of Automated High-Tech Vehicles

Detroit — According to statistics released Wednesday by U.S. safety regulators, automakers have 400 in 10 months related to vehicles with partially automated driver assistance systems, including 273 with Tesla. Reported a near-case collision.

The National Road Safety Authority warns against using numbers to compare car manufacturers and does not weight them by the number of vehicles of each manufacturer using the system, or the number of miles they have traveled. Said that.

From July to May 15, last year, automakers reported the clash under an order from the authorities, who are investigating such clashes for the first time.

“By collecting more data, NHTSA will be able to better identify new risks and trends and see how these technologies work in the real world.” Said Steven Cliff, the administrator of the authorities.

The Tesla crash occurred when the vehicle was using an autopilot, “fully autonomous driving”, traffic-aware cruise control, or other driver-assisted system with some control over speed and steering. The company has about 830,000 vehicles equipped with the system on the road.

Honda was the next closest to the 12 automakers that reported the crash, with 90 cars. Honda says it has about 6 million cars on US roads equipped with such a system. Subaru was next at 10, and all other automakers reported 5 or less.

NHTSA, in a June 2021 order, reported serious clashes to more than 100 automakers and motor vehicle technology companies within a day of learning about them, and by the 15th of the following month, it was less serious. Instructed to disclose the conflict. Authorities are assessing how the system works and whether new regulations are needed.

According to NHTSA, six people were killed and five were seriously injured in an accident involving a driver assistance system. Of the deaths, five occurred in Tesla and one was reported by Ford. Three of the serious injuries occurred in Tesla, with Honda and Ford reporting one each.

Tesla’s crash count may appear to be rising slightly as it uses telematics to monitor the vehicle and get real-time crash reports. According to NHTSA, other automakers do not have such a feature, which can lead to slow reporting or no crash reports at all. A message was left asking for comments from Tesla.

Tesla crashes accounted for almost 70% of the 392 reported by 12 automakers. Autopilots in Austin, Texas call the system autopilot and “fully autonomous driving,” but vehicles can’t drive themselves and drivers must always be ready to intervene. It states.

Car safety advocates said driver assistance and self-driving systems could save lives, but NHTSA has set minimum performance standards and improved safety to protect all road users. Do not do so until you request.

“It’s clear that US road users are unknowingly participating in beta testing of autonomous driving technology,” said Kathy Chase, president of highway and vehicle safety advocates.

D-Mass. Senator Edward Marquee said NHTSA’s data are limited, but evidence that Tesla is ignoring regulations and endangering the public is not isolated. He said there was Tesla’s “endless reporting parade” of automated systems that passed through stop signs and braked for no reason. NHTSA is also investigating Tesla colliding with a parked emergency vehicle.

“As today’s data suggests, this contempt for car safety law affects the real world,” Marquee said, urging NHTSA to take enforcement action.

According to NHTSA, manufacturers do not need to report the number of vehicles on the road with the system, how much they have moved, or when the system is in use. did. At this time, officials said these numbers cannot be quantified.

However, NHTSA may ask for such information later. In the meantime, new data has made it possible to detect crashes much faster than before. The agency said it is currently using crash data to look for trends and discuss with businesses.

NHTSA has already used this data to seek recalls, initiate investigations and provide information on existing inquiries, officials said. They also said it’s difficult to know how many drivers are actually using this technology.

“This allows investigators to quickly identify trends in potential defects that may occur,” Cliff said. “These data also help us identify the crashes we want to investigate and provide more information about how people in other vehicles interact with the vehicle.”

Honda said it packaged the system to sell more systems. This can affect that number. “The population of vehicles that may be involved in theoretically reportable events is much larger than the population of vehicles manufactured by automakers with less aggressive deployment strategies,” the company said.

The report to NHTSA is also based on an unconfirmed customer statement as to whether the automated system was running at the time of the crash. According to Honda, these crashes may not be eligible to be reported to NHTSA after more data has been collected.

The NHTSA order also covers companies driving fully autonomous vehicles, with 25 reporting a total of 130 crashes. Google’s spin-off Waymo led with 62, followed by Transdev Alternative Services with 34, and General Motors-managed Cruise LLC with 23.

Waymo, an autonomous vehicle unit at Alphabet Inc., said it owns more than 700 autonomous vehicles. The company runs a fully autonomous ride-hailing service in Arizona and is testing it in California. According to the company, all collisions occurred at low speeds, with only two of them inflating the airbag.

In 108 accidents involving fully autonomous vehicles, no injuries were reported and only one was seriously injured. In most collisions, the vehicle was attacked from behind.

Contributed by AP data journalist Larry Fenn from New York. This story has been modified to show that the crash reported 6 deaths and 5 serious injuries.

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US Report: Approximately 400 Clashes of Automated High-Tech Vehicles

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