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US midterm elections: Why ‘inspiring’ Democratic performance could provide stability for Canada – National

David Smentek looked at his laptop screen through thick glasses on Tuesday night, and bright blue dots, dark red dots, and various shades in between swarmed past swarms.

Sitting at a corner table in Jake’s Tavern on 7th Avenue in Washington, D.C., as the interim results were announced, Smentek worked for various Republican causes from 2008 to 2019. He detailed which results were not surprising, which races tightened once the Republican vote came in, and which races were straight up shockers.

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Fierce competition in U.S. midterm elections is eroding control of Congress as Republicans chase their gains

However, his overall assessment was less detailed.

Any Republican who said this was a good night was “blowing smoke up your ass,” Smentek bluntly said.

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He later reformulated his assessment as “It’s hard to say this is anything but a Democratic victory.”

A cold wind blew through the capital on Tuesday, ending days of unseasonably warm weather and, as a metaphor for the Democratic Party’s potential heading into the 2022 midterm elections, it seemed like you could do worse.

The Republican Party’s loss of control of the House, still operating in the shadow of former President Donald Trump, was treated as a foregone conclusion by both parties. The real outcome of this election was the control of the Senate, which gave it great power over how the next two years of President Joe Biden’s administration would play out.

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US Midterm Elections: Democrat Maura Healy Becomes First Openly Gay Governor in US History

Senate rule was still in the air as the sun rose Wednesday morning, with key races in Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin and Nevada too close. It’s good news for Democrats, and Republicans will have to ponder as the results trickle in.

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Maintaining the status quo at important Canadian races

Elections were held in 8,800 constituencies on Tuesday, but two constituencies in particular could come to the Canadian government’s mind.

In Michigan, incumbent Governor Gretchen Whitmer faced Republican challenger Tudor Dixon. Whitmer says she is against Enbridge’s Line 5 cross-border her pipeline, citing environmental concerns, and her move to block it has been stalled in legal proceedings since 2019. Dixon hopes the pipeline will continue to operate.

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US judge ruled against Enbridge on Line 5, but did not lead to closure

With 85% of polls reporting, Whitmer received 53.3% of the vote and wanted to keep the governor’s mansion.

New York’s gubernatorial election has also brought a surprising amount of drama, and given the state’s borders with Ontario and Quebec, as well as significant cross-border transactions, Ottawa’s is attracting attention.

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But Democratic incumbent Kathy Hochul stood up to Republican Lee Zeldin despite Zeldin’s well-financed supporters.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the Canadian government could work with the American people no matter which candidate they chose.

“We have had very different management regimes in the past. said at the conference.

According to an AP-NORC poll, most registered voters of any major US political party believe the 2022 midterm elections will have a major impact on the United States. (AP Digital Embedded).

After Donald Trump’s election in 2016, Trudeau reorganized his cabinet to focus on that relationship – using now Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland to bolster Trump’s promised NAFTA. He insisted on renegotiating.

But the Canadian government has also launched a blitzkrieg of ministerial visits to build ties not only between Trudeau’s team and Trump’s allies, but also within Congress and at the provincial level.

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Canadian officials may not need to launch a less dramatic campaign if the medium-term trends seen Tuesday through Wednesday morning continue. Republican Congress to Limit Biden’s Agenda From Canada’s perspective, it looks like two years of relative stability with its largest trading partner.

Christopher Sands, an expert on U.S.-Canada relations at the Wilson Center, said there could be a legislative deadlock in the next two years and “nothing really gets done.”

“President Biden doesn’t have the big voting rights and personalities that hold the country together like[Barack]Obama and Ronald Reagan, so you might see some of that,” Sands said in an interview. . of Tuesday’s vote.

“I think the toxic partisanship that we have seen in recent years must be healed or the country will self-destruct. … (We must unite) I And I know Canada faces much the same.”

Domestic Pressures, Foreign Conflicts

Another key question for Canadian officials is whether new leadership in Congress will change Washington’s support for Ukraine, where US-provided weapons are key in its efforts to push back Russian aggression. did.

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US midterm elections could have ‘negative effects’ on Ukraine if Republicans limit aid: expert

Republican House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Republicans would not issue a “blank check” to Ukraine amid mounting domestic pressures such as inflation.

Canada is unlikely to fall into a vacuum if the US scales back its aid.Ottawa is contributing $650 million to the Ukrainian cause while Washington is sending more than $17.5 billion.But , it is still a concern.

“I think the fringes of the American political sphere are starting to question[support]but I think the middle class is still doing okay[with it],” Sands said.

“You know, Vladimir Putin couldn’t be more badass. He’s like a Bond villain straight out of a movie.”

US midterm elections: Why ‘inspiring’ Democratic performance could provide stability for Canada – National

Source link US midterm elections: Why ‘inspiring’ Democratic performance could provide stability for Canada – National

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