Ukraine: Canada reiterates support for Invasion Day

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Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie said Wednesday that Canada needs to remain firm in its support for Ukraine as it marks Ukraine’s Independence Day and the six-month anniversary of Russia’s aggression.

Jolie said Canada was “out there” for Ukraine, sending more heavy artillery, humanitarian aid, and financial aid to the Ukrainian government, which he said was in a “dire state.” said to support. She reiterated the need to help the country, especially as the war continued.

“Today is an admittedly harrowing anniversary, but it’s important that we’re not war-weary,” Jolie said on CTV’s Your Morning. “We need to double down on our support for Ukraine and never forget that those in Ukraine today are fighting for their freedom. [also] We fight for our own freedom. ”

“What is happening in Ukraine is linked to Europe’s security, and Europe’s security is our security,” she added. “That’s why we need to firmly support them.”

Regarding Canada’s latest sanctions against Russia, Jolie has accused Russia’s Presidential Commissioner for Children’s Rights Maria Alekseevna Livova-Belova of 62 for her alleged involvement in the kidnapping of Ukrainian children by Russia. Russian officials said they were added to the list. .

Jolie also said the RCMP is working with the International Criminal Court and the International Court of Justice to investigate possible war crimes, including the kidnapping of Ukrainian children and their taking to Russia without a family reunification plan. I repeated what I was doing.

“Our goal is to ensure accountability and appeal to international tribunals,” she said.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has also celebrated Ukraine’s Independence Day, citing economic aid, military equipment and training of the Ukrainian army as ways Canada has helped the country during the war.

“Canada’s relationship with Ukraine is built on generations of people-to-people ties,” Trudeau said in a press release on Wednesday. Canada was also the first Western country to recognize Ukraine’s independence, and since then we have worked with the people of Ukraine to help build a safe, democratic and prosperous country. The bonds that bind people together cannot be broken.

Prime Minister Trudeau added that Canada’s parliament building will be illuminated in the blue and yellow of the Ukrainian flag to mark the 31st anniversary of independence from the former Soviet Union.

According to a Global Affairs Canada press release, the Canadian government continues to support Ukraine’s membership of the European Union and “supports international efforts to hold Russia accountable for its aggression.”

Canada’s interim Conservative Party leader Candice Bergen also voiced support for Ukraine on Wednesday, urging the free government to reverse its decision to oppose sanctions by returning Russia-owned gas turbines to Germany. asked.

Other world leaders, including several NATO members, have also expressed support for Ukraine.

Ukraine: Canada reiterates support for Invasion Day

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