TV host Anne Ponell dresses up for her teenage self

“I want to show people that fashion can be fun even if you’re fat.”

(Photo: Christie Vuong)

“When I was a kid, there weren’t many plus-size clothing options other than boring black basics that blended into the background,” recalls the Toronto-based actor and comedian. Anne PonellWith experimentation and the help of a professional stylist (perks of her gig as co-host Great Canadian Baking Show), she honed the essence of her style: vibrant, energetic and fun.

“Now I feel like I’m cosplaying my teenage self, wearing everything I couldn’t find before,” laughs Ponell. She’s drawn to bright colors, bold patterns, and luscious textures, like this wide-legged suit from her American plus-size brand Eloquii, paired with L’Intervalle shoes and silky croissants from Room Shop. I put together her bag. She said, “I want to convey that fashion can be fun even if you’re fat.”

Chatelaine We sat down with Ponell to talk about her signature colorful style, dressing up for her teenage self, and the current state of plus-size fashion.

TV host Ann Ponell wore a wide-leg orange leaf-print suit, a pink faux-fur jacket, and a silk-orange croissant bag for a photo in the park.

(Photo: Christie Vuong)

How would you describe your style?

noisy? Or bright, lively, energetic and fun. My style muse is definitely Barbie.

How has your style evolved over time? Have you always been drawn to bright colors?

The clothing I grew up with represented what was available to plus size women back then. There’s still a long way to go, but over the last few years, especially in my size range, there’s been a real boom in sizing up.

The way I dress now is entirely based on the fact that for a long time I was restricted to dressing in a way that blended in with the i just want Bright colors, bold patterns, luscious texturesI feel like I’m cosplaying my teenage self now. She wears everything she couldn’t find before.

Besides Barbie, who are your style icons?

Lizzo is the embodiment of big girl joy. Confident in not only what she wears, but how she wears it.

What do you look for when shopping?

Bright colors!i love neonIf I had a palette called Neon Pastel, I would happily wear nothing. When it comes to silhouettes, I like clothes that have a little structure or that accentuate the hourglass figure.I also love experimenting with different silhouettes as I never had the confidence to try them before. notice the— I don’t care about clothes A little out of shape.

As an actor and TV host, I have had the opportunity to work with fashion stylists and have taken many cues from their choices.Be more interested in what suits you, what brings me joythat’s what I learned from the stylists I work with.

Active on stage and television. How does it affect your personal style?

I’ve noticed more and more that my show outfits have become my usual outfits. because, why? Just wear what you want!

Oh, and I always wear a good bra and shorts under skirts and dresses so I don’t accidentally flash the audience.

TV host Ann Ponell wore pink and orange patterned trousers, a pink leather jacket, a lime green knit, and a structured red bag for a photo in the park.

(Photo: Christie Vuong)

What’s your favorite plus size brand?

I used to shop at fast fashion stores like Forever 21, Fashion Nova and Shein. In many ways, fast fashion pioneered size inclusivity.The environmental impact of these thousands of styles that are mass-produced every day is absolutely terrible, but as a plus-size person, having a choice is a treat. It’s amazing. It’s the gateway to fashion for many people who have never been able to wear clothes before.I try to avoid fast fashion now [buy it]and now that I’ve figured out my style, I don’t have to experiment as much.

That being said, I love Eloquii. A lot of my wardrobe comes from Eloquii. Plus size online brand. Otherwise, I like to shop locally as much as possible. I didn’t know that before working with my stylist. so many Canadian designers Create beautiful clothes for all body types and sizes Hillary McMillan When Leslie Hampton.

What fashion inspires you?

I want to tell people that fashion can be fun even if you’re fat. Clothing has the ability to tell others who you are if you want to. Good style lets others know how you see yourself. Wearing color brightens everyone’s day. People say to me, “I’m so happy to see you. I love what you’re wearing!”

Many people are very afraid to wear color. It is often said that the color does not come off or that you want to wear patterned clothes. Of course you can! I hope I can inspire people to dress the way they’ve always wanted.

I feel that good clothes express who I am, and I am very happy to be able to do that now. I like to wear clothes that make you feel like the baddest villain you’ve ever seen. I choose my clothes based on how good I feel and how much I want to feel better. Sometimes I wear leggings and T-shirts. But if I feel great, or want to feel great, I want my clothes to reflect that. I think.

Another thing I’ve been loving lately is discovering how fashion and cultural identity tie together beautifully. Vinta Galleryis an ethical Canadian label that designs Filipino-inspired styles, especially butterfly sleeves. I feel like a queen when I wear these pieces.

TV host Anne Ponell dresses up for her teenage self

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