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There is an entire industry out there to help people learn to cook for themselves. Think of “Hello Fresh” and “Blue Apron”. The meal kit includes a step-by-step walkthrough, so anyone can make a great dinner. However, you don’t have to spend a significant amount of changes on someone else’s groceries to learn how to cook.If you’re looking for something a little less complicated, consider it enthusiasm— —fundamentally, Cooking Duolingo.

What is enthusiasm?

As you may know, Duolingo is an app designed to make learning a language easier. A bright and simple UI guides you through what you need to learn in each lesson and offers options for both free and paid customers. Zest adopts the same philosophy. But instead of learning a language, it teaches you everything about food.

As soon as you set up your account, you’ll see an easy-to-understand tiled UI. The first big “recommended lesson” (my lesson was a “basic cooking” lesson called “taste”). Below that, you should see something like this: “Next Up” lessons such as “Fat & Acid”, “Pans and Skillets”, “Ovens”, “Extracting & Infusing”.

Tap any of these to see your current progress (tapping the lesson will give you 0%), Instagram-like highlight sections for quick access to different parts of the lesson, recipes you’ll learn, And a complete summary of what you are doing.

A video walkthrough will be displayed for each lesson. The video itself feels a bit homemade, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. They are still full of good information about the topic at hand.

Can Zest teach me how to cook?

You can always check the recipes related to the lesson. For example, the “Taste” lesson will cover dishes such as “Pasta and Fresh Tomato Sauce and Caper”, “Aloo Gobi and Raita and Nan”, and “Spice Tara and Sweet Pepper and Lemon”. If you like a recipe, you can add it to your account’s Menus for quick access to your favorites at any time. According to Zest, these recipes also have two “Expert chef“Therefore, in theory it should be fairly solid.

The recipe also has an easy-to-understand layout, such as an option to specify the number of people to cook (the number of ingredients depends on the number of people). The rest looks like a regular recipe at first, but there is one difference. Whenever there is a slightly more complex action, such as shallot slicing, you have the option to view a video walkthrough of the task.

In my opinion, this is the whole experience. You don’t have to stumble on YouTube to learn how to cut basil leaves in the middle of preparation. Here are some handy video examples to guide you through the whole dish. The recipe is also considerate and uses similar ingredients, son whole A basin of sour cream on a plate.

I also like small things like optional sauce recipes. They call the iconic seasonings by other names. For example, the Source of LoweringCane and the special source of NotMcDonald, but I will explain the procedure to create something that I did not think I would create myself.

Zest is clearly a passionate project. The app looks great and the videos are also useful. It seems to be an app made by someone who wants to teach how to cook. The free app is a bit limited ($ 9.99 / month option includes all lessons and recipes. New meals every week), it’s enough to cook some dishes on your own. Unfortunately, this app is only available on iOS at this time, but Android users aren’t unlucky. You can enter your email address at the following URL: Zest website To receive free recipes to get from the app, including all videos.

Try cooking Duolingo, “Zest”

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