Tropical storm Taras hits Japan

Tokyo –

Tropical Storm Taras killed a man after bringing torrential rains in parts of Japan on Saturday, causing landslides, stopping trains and crashing cars into ponds.

A man who drove into a pond in Shizuoka Prefecture died after being taken to a hospital, police said.

In another area of ​​Shizuoka prefecture, rescue operations were under way after heavy rains collapsed roads, police said. According to Japanese media reports, one man managed to crawl out of the stranded truck, but he was missing another man.

Separately, three people were injured in a landslide in Shizuoka prefecture, according to a prefectural police spokesman.

A river swelled in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, and a video shared on social media showed cars walking down a puddle road. I was watching the situation. About 1,000 people were stranded at an arena in Shizuoka, where a concert was held on Friday night, as trains stopped temporarily.

The storm is the latest to hit Japan after a typhoon caused several deaths and damage in recent weeks.

Taras headed to Tokyo and hit a large area around the capital with a heavy shower. A sediment disaster warning has been issued for the course of the typhoon.

Tropical storm Taras hits Japan

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