Travis Scott cancels concert after finding fans climbing truss

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Travis Scott stopped the Connie Island gig on Monday after finding a fan climbing the truss during the set.

The rapper confirmed that everyone was okay because he was caught in the camera TMZ A video that asks a gig participant in question, one of whom was wearing a “Spider-Man” costume, to get off for his own safety.

Scott played with something like Meek Mill at the Connie Art Wall Show.

Scott’s latest gig was after 10 people were killed and hundreds were injured in the Astroworld tragedy in Houston, Texas in November 2021.

Authorities described it as a “chaotic event,” and coroners determined that all 10 festival victims had died in “suffocation.” Manners were determined to be an accident.

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Multiple proceedings have been filed against Scott and others involved in the festival. Recently, Rapper was on a long list of defendants nominated in a wrongful death litigation filed by a woman who claimed to have suffered a “terrible injury” in the tragedy of Astroworld that resulted in a miscarriage.

Approximately a month after the tragedy, Scott spoke for the first time and refused to hear signs of distress from the crowd during the performance in an hour-long interview.

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“I’m that artist too, so it’s very crazy. Whenever you can hear something like that, you want to stop the show. I want the fans to get the right attention they need.” He said.

“Whenever I could see something like that, I did. I stopped it a few times to see if everyone was okay. And I really gathered the energy of the fans. Throw it away as a target, a phone call, and an answer. I just couldn’t hear it. “

See the clip below for more details.

Travis Scott cancels concert after finding fans climbing truss

Source link Travis Scott cancels concert after finding fans climbing truss

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