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Vancouver, British Columbia, March 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Trailbreaker Resources Ltd. (TBK.V) (“Trailbreaker” or “The Company”) announced the acquisition of assets at Eakin Creek in South Central British Columbia (BC), providing up-to-date information on future exploration plans for the Atsutla Gold project in northwestern BC. increase. ..

New Ekin Creek Property Highlights

  • Located 100km north of Kamloops, Accessable roads Via Highway 24 and well-maintained forest roads
  • Acquired by historical claims and screening staking and fusion
  • 100% owned by Trailbreaker Resources No underlying payments or royalties
  • cover 1,610 hectares Future ground flowing into Ekin Creek, including gold in sand deposits
  • It is located in the unexplored part of the Quesnel structural terrain, which hosts many of the copper and gold mines produced in British Columbia.
  • The property covers some of BC’s highest gold particle count values ​​up to government-collected samples and includes indicators of the potential for copper-gold (Cu-Au) porphyry deposits.
  • There is a history of gold dust production
  • 58 samples containing Au over 100 ppb and Au up to 2,600 ppb (2.6 g / t) host gold anomalies in robust soil
  • Historical high-definition grab sample assay 2.60 ounces / ton (89 g / t) Au
  • Limited outcrop sampling to date returned a 3.0 meter chip sample spacing of 3.15 g / t Au within a 14.0 meter spacing of 0.9 g / t Au.
  • No excavation has been done on the premises so far.

See below for an enhanced overview and map of Ekin Creek properties.

What’s new about the Atsutla Gold project and the planned 2022 exploration program

Trailbreaker’s Atsutla Gold project is located 70 km south of the Yukon-British Columbia border and 130 km northwest of the Dease Lake community in British Columbia. The 2021 exploration included the discovery of extensive high-grade gold in the Highland Zone, with up to sample analysis. 630 g / t (18.38 oz / ton) gold and 1,894 g / t (55.25 oz / ton) silver (See September 13thth, 2021 news release). The program also included identifying four Gold Zones: Highland, Christmas Creek, Willy Jack, and Swan (see November 1st).st2021 news release).

The current claims package has recently been extended From 37,727 hectares to 40,057 hectares..

The 2022 exploration will include planning and determining the location of drilling holes for the long-awaited diamond drilling program. The drilling permit for the Atsutla Gold project remains unresolved (especially in the Swan zone) as drilling in 2022 is approved. In the meantime, we work with all stakeholders, indigenous peoples, and other stakeholders in the region to ensure that the exploration program continues to be safe, environmentally responsible, and sustainable. I am trying to.

air LiDAR The survey (“Light Detection and Distance Measurement”) is currently planned for the Atsutla Gold project in early summer 2022. LiDAR surveys use laser scans to generate high-resolution 3D representations of the earth’s surface. They can detect subtle topographical changes that can represent geological features such as lithological contacts, faults, and quartz veins. All of these are important controls over the mineralization of gold in the Atsutla Gold project.

Work in 2022 will also include follow-up of targets identified from the aerial magnetic survey completed in the fall of 2021. Structural surveys and detailed mappings have been carried out in all gold-containing zones, and first-pass reconnaissance exploration and soil sampling have been newly stakeout on the ground.

Trailbreaker combines existing information about last year’s discovery of high-grade gold with existing geophysical findings, combined with future geophysical and structural studies, to increase the likelihood of new discoveries in 2022. increase.

Details of Ekin Creek:

The Ekin Creek property is located 100 km north of Kamloops, British Columbia, and is accessible via highway 24 from a well-maintained forest side road (see Map 1-Location). The property covers 1,610 hectares of future land flowing into Ekin Creek, which contains gold in sand deposits. Ekin Creek is located in the unexplored part of the Quesnel Structural Terrain, which hosts many of the copper and gold mines produced in British Columbia, including New Afton, Ajax, Mount Pauly, Highland Valley, and Copper Mountain. Billing packages are 100% owned by Trailbreaker Resources and have no underlying royalties or payments.

Surveys up to regional sampling conducted by the Canadian Geological Survey show that this unexplored part of Kesner Terrain is an anomalous Cu-Au-As-Mo geochemical feature that indicates a copper porphyry environment elsewhere in BC. Showed that you have. In addition, some of British Columbia’s highest gold grain count values ​​have been recorded down to samples from Ekin Creek’s assets (see Map 2 – Regional Till Survey).

Placer gold was first discovered at Ekin Creek in the late 1800s, with small-scale sand mining until the 1940s. The source of the hard rock of gold dust was not found and remained a mystery for over 100 years. Gold in the bedrock was first discovered during the construction of Highway 24 in 1983, and subsequent hard rock discoveries continued until the early 1990s.

This property hosts strong and widespread gold anomalies in soil with 58 samples containing Au over 100 ppb and Au up to 2,600 ppb (2.6 g / t) (Map 3 – Soil Geochemistry). reference). Although glacier-covered investigations and trenching have proven difficult in this area, limited investigations and trenching completed so far have identified the cause of gold anomalies in the soil. I have succeeded in doing so. Numerous high-grade floatlock grab samples are obtained from surface pits, analyzing up to 2.60 ounces / ton (89.13 g / t) Au and locally containing visible gold. Limited outcrop sampling to date returned 3.0 m chip sample spacing of 3.15 g / tAu grade within 14.0 m spacing of 0.9 g / tAu grade (see Map 4 – Rock Geochemistry). ). Gold is associated with crush-controlled quartz calcite veins and breccia, hosted by Jurassic altered diorite. This property has not been drilled to date and has not completed a deeply infiltrated geophysical program.

The Trailbreaker team believes that bulkton intrusive gold deposits beneath the glacier til are likely and that induced polarization (IP) investigations can reveal the possibility of buried gold-containing diorite. .. The team hopes that the IP results will help identify high quality drill targets.

Bernie Kreft Purchase Agreement:

Most of the 1,610 hectares of Ekin Creek’s assets were acquired with the investment of Trailbreaker, but the two claims at the heart of the assets are owned by Bernie Cleft. Trailbreaker has entered into a real estate purchase agreement to acquire a 100% stake in Bernie Kreft’s claim. This agreement is subject to TSX-Venture Exchange approval and other customary terms. The terms are:

  • Cash payment of CAD $ 13,475 at the time of contract conclusion
  • Transferred 60,000 Trailbreaker Common Shares within 30 days of approval by TSX.V

For more information and maps on Eakin Creek, see the dedicated section of the Trailbreaker website.

Message from the president

“Being faithful to our model as a project generator, the Trailbreaker team is busy organizing high quality projects and planning the 2022 exploration season during the winter. High quality gold discovery and bronze. Our flagship product, the Atsutla project, with the potential for spotted rocks, is subject to an aggressive exploration program designed to reduce the risk of future drilling with permission.

We are all excited about the addition of the Ekin Creek property. This project is likely to discover more minerals, enhanced by its geological and geochemical settings, as well as existing roads and other infrastructure.

Stay tuned for future updates as we have more exciting announcements in the coming weeks. “

On behalf of the board

Daithi Mac Gearailt
President and Chief Executive Officer

Carl Schulze, P. Geo, a consulting geologist at Aurora Geosciences Ltd. Is a Qualified Person as defined by National Instrument 43-101 for Trailbreaker’s BC and Yukon exploration projects, and has reviewed and approved the technical information for this release.

For new information about our project, please visit the Trailbreaker website ( and sign up to receive the news. Follow Trailbreaker’s tweets for more information. LtdPlease use the Contact Us section of our website, or contact us at (604) 681-1820 or

Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its regulatory service provider (the term is defined in the TSX Venture Exchange Policy) is responsible for the validity or accuracy of this release.

Description of future prospects

Non-past factual statements contained in this news release are “forward-looking information” or “forward-looking statements” in the sense of applicable Canadian securities law and US civil securities proceedings (collectively, “future”. Information about the outlook “). Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking information includes, but is not limited to, disclosures of possible events, circumstances, or financial performance based on assumptions about future economic conditions and course of action. Expectations for future exploration and drilling programs and receipt of related permits. In some cases, forward-looking information may include the use of words or phrases such as “expect,” “expect,” “understand,” or “agree,” or such words or phrases that take specific actions. Can be identified by variations of or statements. The event or result is “occurs”, “occurs”, or “achieved”. Trailbreaker has sought to identify important factors that could affect Trailbreaker and that actual actions, events, or outcomes may differ materially from those described in the forward-looking information. There may be actions, events, or other factors that cause unexpected results. , Estimated or intended. In making forward-looking statements in this news release, Trailbreaker has applied some key assumptions, including the assumption that general business and economic conditions will not change in a substantially unfavorable manner. Actual results and future events may differ materially from those expected in such statements and there is no guarantee that the information regarding the future outlook will be accurate. Therefore, readers should not place excessive reliance on information about future prospects. Unless required by law, Trailbreaker publishes a revised version of the forward-looking information contained in this news release to reflect events and circumstances after this date or to cause unexpected events. We do not have any obligation to reflect it.

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Trailbreaker Resources Acquires Ekin Creek Properties in South Central British Columbia and Provides Corporate Updates, Canadian Business Journal

Source link Trailbreaker Resources Acquires Ekin Creek Properties in South Central British Columbia and Provides Corporate Updates, Canadian Business Journal

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