Traders Undecided As BTC Consolidates Above $16K

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Bitcoin Will Trade Slightly As BTC Consolidates Above 16,000 On November 27, 2022

BTC/USD price is moving in the same direction as BTC consolidates above $16,000. The up move was resisted on Nov. 24 when Bitcoin’s sideways movement resumed. Bitcoin currently trades in a limited range between $15,588 and $17,000.

Bitcoin price statistics:
• Current Bitcoin Price – $16,541.70
Bitcoin market cap – $317,908,468,811
Bitcoin circulating volume – 19,218,050.00 BTC
Total Bitcoin Supply – $347,201,540,935
Bitcoin Coinmarketcap Ranking – #1

resistance level: $50,000, $55,000, $60,000
Support level: $25,000, $20,000, $15,000

On November 24, Bitcoin (BTC) price rose, but met resistance at a high of $16,800. The largest cryptocurrency has been below the $17,000 resistance level for the past four days. This means that the price of BTC fluctuates within a small range between $16,000 and $17,000. If the price continues to fluctuate, a comeback or breakout may occur. If Bitcoin recovers, BTC price will break through resistance levels between $17,200 and $18,000. The uptrend will continue to the $20,000 highs. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is vulnerable to declines as it is in the bearish trend zone. Selling pressure resumes if 21-day SMA rejects Bitcoin. A recession will begin once the bears break below his $15,588 support.

Bitcoin wallet linked to MT. Gox Attack lost 10,000 BTC

On November 23rd, 10,000 BTC, currently worth over $165 million, was stolen from cryptocurrency wallets belonging to the closed cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e from other exchanges, individual wallets, and other sources. was transferred to The withdrawal is the largest by BTC-e since April 2018, but Chainalysis’ report on Nov. 23 shows that BTC-e and the exchange believed to be BTC’s successor WEX suggests that both have transferred a small amount of BTC to Russian electronics. I made a test payment on November 11th and transferred it to his Webmoney payment service on October 26th before sending an additional 100 BTC on November 21st. The total amount of BTC that is believed to still be in individual wallets.

BTC/USD – daily chart

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Reaches Bearish Depletion As BTC Consolidates Above $16,000. Bitcoin price is not trending due to the blunder candlestick with limited body and uncertainty. Bitcoin is expected to continue to move within the range as long as Doge candlesticks dominate the market movement.

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participate telegram A channel to stay up to date on breaking news

Traders Undecided As BTC Consolidates Above $16K

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