Tory MPs say journalist’s tweets incite violence

A Conservative MP tells parliamentary media outlets to revoke access to The Hill for freelance reporters after they posted tweets they deemed could incite violence against politicians I requested

The controversy stems from Saskatchewan MP Garnett Genouise’s mention of British band Queen during a question period on Wednesday, when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s bargain was announced in London last weekend by Queen Elizabeth II. He revealed that he sang the band’s song “Bohemian Rhapsody” before the Queen’s funeral.

of Twitter post Shortly after, Press Gallery Accredited Member Dale Smith wrote: Shoot the horse when it’s this lame. ”

On Thursday, the Genuis, who represent the Sherwood Park Fort equestrian, called on the House of Commons to strip Smith of privileges from the press, urging his colleagues, MP Raquel Dancho, the party’s public safety commentator, and the Conservative Party’s It was repeatedly requested by House Speaker Andrew Scheer.

“This is incredibly serious and I would like to ask the Chairman to give it your due attention and consider possible further measures. It comes at a time when we are increasingly aware of the threat of violence,” Dancho said.

“We’ve all experienced someone being aggressive on our doorstep or at an event. When we’re walking down the street and keeping quiet, we don’t want it to sound like we’re whining. We don’t want to complain, we don’t want to encourage others to act in such a threatening way.”

Just minutes earlier, Mr Genuis told the House of Representatives that he was genuinely concerned for his safety in front of Mr Smith.

“Mr. Smith is now an accredited member of the Congressional Press Conference, allowing relatively unfettered access to The Hill. So he may be in the press gallery today. They may follow me or hang out outside the caucuses waiting for me.I don’t have to think about whether I’ll run into someone in the Capitol who will threaten me,” he said.

“The current reality of Access is affecting my ability to perform my functions as a member.”

Genuis claimed to be a threat after a series of incidents in which journalists, especially women of color and politicians, were sometimes publicly threatened and harassed by trolls.

When contacted on Thursday night, Smith said he would not comment until the Speaker of the House makes its decision.

However, in an earlier blog post, Smith called the Conservative Party’s reaction to his tweet a “blackmail game.”

“If you are critical of anyone on the team, they will declare you biased, even if you are critical of all teams. It howls and moans in the hope that it will, so it knows you are weak and that it can silence you through this kind of tactic.

The latest tensions between the Conservative Party and the media came after their newly minted leader Pierre Polivre and Global News’ chief political correspondent over the politician’s initial refusal to ask questions after a press conference. Following last week’s clash with a certain David Akin, who was called a liberal jerk.

In a statement, the Press Gallery said it “wants to sever ties” with Smith’s comments.

“Let me remind you that journalists and politicians alike have a responsibility to promote healthy and professional public debate,” said its president, Guillaume St-Pierre, head of the parliamentary bureau of Le Journal de Montréal. said.

“The Press Gallery would like to emphasize that any form of intimidation is unacceptable.”

He argued that the gallery operated without political interference and that it was not up to politicians to decide who was a member.

The Speaker’s Office said no ruling had yet been issued on the Conservative MP’s request.

Nicholas Keung is a Toronto-based reporter covering The Star’s immigration office. Follow him on Twitter. @nkeung

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Tory MPs say journalist’s tweets incite violence

Source link Tory MPs say journalist’s tweets incite violence

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