Toronto Women Set Guinness World Records at LA Marathon

November 7th at the LA Marathon, a runner based in Toronto Bridget Burns Set a record for the fastest marathon dressed as Michael jackson. This brings her total Guinness World Records Up to seven since she set the first one dressed as a boxer in 2014.

Run in costume

Burns was introduced to costume running when she was an extra in a Nike commercial. There she saw a man running in a banana costume in his hometown of London, Ontario. Costume running wasn’t very successful in London, but when I moved to Toronto, more and more people dressed up in local road races, including Canadian joggling sensations and multiple Guinness World Records holders. Michal Kapral.. “I was inspired by him,” she says.

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Burns chooses costumes based on what he is interested in. His love for Rocky movies has led him to dress up as a boxer in his first record attempt at the 2014 GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon at 3:52:27. .. She is also interested in exotic animals and zoos (she has three parrots and one domesticated pigeon), so in the second record she dressed as a zookeeper. Did. Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon In October of the second half of the year, she ran 4:08:17.

She set four more records. These include the fastest half marathon in animal costumes (which has since broken), the fastest half marathon in motocross gear (2:14:34), and the fastest half marathon. As a zookeeper (2:04:46), she was part of a group that set the record for the largest number of runners to complete a 10km run in 24 hours this September. “If you find something interesting, check to see if anyone has the record and then try it,” she says.

Record execution in LA

“During the summer, I downloaded Michael Jackson to my iPod, and I wondered if someone had set the record,” says Burns. She learned that one had done it before, but she wasn’t registered in the Guinness World Records, so she decided to give it a try.

Her attempt was successful, bringing the total to seven, but there were some additional challenges.Burns had a bad fight For bursitis I had a knee injury for two months before the race and had to take prednisone for two weeks to reduce inflammation and run. Before the marathon, she worked five night shifts in a row (Burns works night shifts at Etobicoke HomeSense, so she can train during the day and go home with her 10-year-old daughter) and immediately at the airport. And a 7-hour flight to Los Angeles.

Apart from the costume, she packed socks and underwear, a toothbrush, and a few sets of city maps and travel books. Despite knee problems, she finished the race at 5:07:18 and set the record for the fastest marathon dressed as Michael Jackson.

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More records on the horizon

For her next Guinness World Records Attempt, Burns is looking to the 2022 Philadelphia Half Marathon. Here, I’m running as Rocky Balboa. If the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon resumes its GWR program, she says she’s likely to do something for that, but she hasn’t decided which record to try.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for Burns on your next road race. Because you don’t know. She could run up as a character in your favorite movie.

Toronto Women Set Guinness World Records at LA Marathon

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