Toronto Maple Leafs’ playoff chances

It is that time of the season when one can tell the potential teams that will make it to the final phase of the NHL. Several bookmakers are already marketing NHL playoff promo code to Canadian punters who want to wager on Toronto Maple Leafs to make it to the NHL playoffs. However, the NHL team will have to do a lot to make it to the playoff as a top contender for the coveted prize. Letting in four or more goals in nine of the previous fifteen games does not bode well with a team searching for a playoff position.

A-Grade Performance Needed to Qualify

Every team member has to produce the grade A performance as that is the only way Maple Leafs will regain its glory. Moreover, every Maple Leaf’s game will be like a final because any slip downwards reduces the team’s chances of making it to the playoffs as competition favorites. The top teams have the business to do in their hands and failure to reach the final stage will be their making. Overall, Maple Leafs are organized across all sectors; goaltending, proactive defense, and forward-minded attackers.

Florida Panthers are the pacesetters in Atlantic Division and seem to cling to the top spot at all costs following a streak of five wins. The only sure challenger for the Maple Leafs is Tampa Bay Lightning. However, Maple has a slight advantage over Lightning due to the four games in hand.

The easiest way for the Leafs to make headlines once more is to win the Atlantic trophy to line up against a favorite team in the wild-card option in Round 1. Note that emerging victorious in that series will drive confidence in Maple’s camp sky-high. These scenarios should prepare Maple Leaf for the tough route to the final ahead.

Automatic Entrants

Florida Panthers of Atlantic Division and Carolina Hurricanes of the Metropolitan appear as automatic entrants in this season’s playoff. We are expecting Dubas to make some changes to Leaf’s squad to match the strength of its potential opposition. It is now time for the Maple Leafs to make things right after suffering three years of Round 1 exit in the NHL playoffs. The experience that Maple Leafs gained from the three failed attempts will be crucial for this season’s competition.

The Leafs will be the team to beat in this seasons’ playoff following its second-leg performance in NHL. Several teams struggle to move as a pack while the Leafs make a swift and efficient transition from defence to attack. They have been hitting the offensive territories hard and with precision, making it a funhouse for hockey lovers. Use a promo code from any legitimate bookmaker in Canada and back Maple Leaf to win it’s coming game on 13/3/2022. When you have a fantastic playmaker like Mitch Marner, you can go to a tournament to compete instead of participating.

Another area that needs immediate attention is Maple Leafs’ physique. The team often struggles to regain possession from oppositions in neutral zones. It will be disastrous to kick off the playoffs with one of the least physical teams.


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