Top 7 low cap crypto gems to buy/invest in 2022

After being exposed to rapid negative price volatility, many investors in crypto giants such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have deflated by 2022 crypto winter. The same cannot be said for cryptocurrencies that have a low market capitalization and are still trying to establish themselves. Investors have no major complaints about them. In this update, we take a look at the best low cap crypto gems to buy/invest in 2022.

The cryptocurrency market has expanded over the last few years, and many investors have found success by spotting promising but under-the-radar cryptocurrencies and buying them before they skyrocket in value.

For investors, low-cap assets may be a lucrative option. The coin is inexpensive when first released, but its value increases as more people use the underlying project. To help you decide which of these mini-cryptocurrencies are worth investing in, here’s a quick overview of some of them.

What exactly is a low cap crypto gem?

As the name suggests, low-cap cryptocurrencies do not have a high market capitalization compared to their counterparts. These assets are time constrained due to recent launches or are in early stages with latent potential that investors have just realized. These cryptocurrencies have the potential to be hugely profitable in the long run, diverting investors’ attention away from new releases.

Top 7 low cap crypto gems to buy in 2022

  1. Tamadog (TAMA)

Tamadoge is the native cryptocurrency and multi-utility token of Tamaverse and the first on our list. TAMA tokens can be used in the Play-to-Earn (P2E) game of the Tamadoge cryptocurrency project. The main attraction in this player-to-player game is Madonna Pets, virtual dogs that players can create, breed, and trade.

These pets are now tokenized as NFTs vs. Smart Contracts and available for purchase through the Tama Marketplace. All NFTs kept as pets are unique in some way, with both positive and negative aspects. Users must spend time training and leveling up their pets before competing against their peers to earn points on monthly leaderboards.

Memecoins are typically designed to increase the utility of their respective ecosystems. Tamadoge follows a similar strategy, with the notable exception of starting with his P2E Gaming utility product with metaverse features for casual gamers.

According to plans, the network will release an augmented reality app and the project will start looking for partnerships with other Metaverse initiatives in early 2023. 2022.

Additionally, former WMS and StarDigital’s Thomas Seabrook is Tamadoge’s chief game developer, according to a recent website update. Carl Dawkins, former SocialBlox and Koda cryptocurrency marketing manager, will join him as head of growth. Pre-sales are steadily gaining popularity among cryptocurrency investors due to their broad appeal and strong commercial potential.

As the crypto winter continues, investors are becoming more aware of the project’s ability to attract active users and generate revenue streams. Tamadogue (TAMA) continues to attract attention as he raised 7,359,841.16 USDT in less than 3 weeks after a crypto bear market occurred in a pre-sale on

Cryptocurrencies typically do not react significantly to market sentiment, instead relying on successful pre-sales and marketing campaigns. Investing in them during the pre-sale period can therefore be a profitable way to protect your portfolio during price drops. , USDT, or fiat currency. Currently, 1 USDT is equivalent to 50 TAMA. However, once Tamadoge raises the remaining $59 million, 1 USDT is equivalent to 44.44 TAMA.

2. Battle Infinity (IBAT)

Battle Infinity currently ranks among the top cryptocurrency investments. While Battle Infinity is still in its early stages, the Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming environment is gaining traction on social media, and the newly launched Telegram group has become a prime venue for community members to discuss the venture. It works as a forum. pancake swapMassive cryptocurrency platform , held a launch ceremony in Delhi on August 17th.

IBAT Hourly Price Chart – Source: Tradingview

At the event, PancakeSwap announced their Battle Infinity listing. Additionally, Battle Infinity founder Suresh Joshi says additional announcements will be made “in the coming days” and that his token, native to the network, will be listed on multiple exchanges. increase. In order for the Battle Infinity community to reach as many people as possible, we need additional exchange listings.

Additionally, gamers and sports fans have expressed interest in the project’s ability to host a decentralized NFT-based fantasy sports league in the metaverse, allowing players to climb the ranks of the IBAT Premier League. The user interface for Play-to-Ear games can improve with more users participating. Battle Infinity (IBAT) will be listed on centralized exchange LBank on Friday, December 26 at 12:00 PM UTC (5:30 PM New Delhi, 8:00 AM New York, 1:00 PM London).

This could lead to further IBAT price increases.

3. Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

Lucky Block is rated as one of the best cryptocurrencies. The Lucky Block cryptogaming platform aims to transform the way players participate in jackpot draws and receive rewards. Lucky Block is a daily lottery game hosted on Binance Smart Chain where he accepts LBLOCK (BSC) as payment.

According to Coindicators, the Lucky Block subreddit shows that the 65x bull market in cryptocurrency fell below 1 cent in Q1 2022. Lucky Block recently made headlines after starting efforts to meet the goals specified in the plan. Listing on a centralized exchange is one of our milestones. announced on August 17 that the LBLOCK token will be offered to the market in the week starting September 12, 2022.

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LBLOCK Hourly Price Chart – Source: Tradingview

However, in the weeks leading up to launch week, the network will release specific dates on the listing. According to leading crypto data portals Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko, is the fifth largest centralized exchange by verified 24-hour trading volume. The price of LBLOCK on centralized exchanges could rise further as it is included in

4. Theta Fuel (TFUEL)

Two avid game and VR developers, Mitch Liu and Jieyi Long, co-founded the entire Theta ecosystem in 2017. The co-founder’s vision was to enable distributed video streaming, edge computing, and data delivery. They wanted to revolutionize the industry by making it more efficient, cost-effective and fair to all industry participants.

Theta’s platform is now funded by everyone from strategic companies to media investors. Among their top investors are Samsung NEXT, Sony Innovation Fund and CAA Creative Artists Agency, making it an ideal place to secure funding. Its network consists of his two native tokens, Theta (THETA) and Theta Fuel (TFUEL), which run on their own blockchain. These two elements combine to form the economic system of Theta Network.

TFUEL will be used to power all Theta blockchain activities, including but not limited to paying intermediaries for sharing video content, NTF and DeFi application fees, and smart contract interaction and deployment. will be TFUEL is currently ranked 109th in the world with a market capitalization of $291 million. There are currently 5.3 billion TFUEL coins in circulation, with no information on the maximum supply.

5. Holo (HOT)

Holo was founded by two professional contract coders, Arthur Brock and Eric Harris-Braun. They envisioned a platform that would connect Holochain apps to the rest of the internet. Holo will create a marketplace where anyone can access his DApps.

Decentralized apps built on Holochain (hApps) do not require the use of blockchain technology, and Holo was designed to act as a platform (peer-to-peer) for hosting these kinds of apps. I’m here. Its clear design and goals have increased its popularity among institutional investors and has the potential to reach a wider audience soon.

Holo’s native token, HOT, is currently ranked 93rd in the world. Market capitalization is $380 million, 173342974127 HOT coins, maximum supply is unknown.

6. Siacoin (SC)

Recently, the popularity of distributed cloud storage platforms has increased. For example, Filecoin, a decentralized storage provider that operates on Ethereum’s mainnet, saw a 128% increase in total storage provided. Another blockchain-based decentralized cloud storage platform, Sia, is gaining popularity due to its highly popular model that allows users to lease access to unused storage space.

Decentralized storage puts users in control of their personal information and is a cheap alternative to centralized storage, removing all the complexity that comes with centralization. Siacoin (SC) is Sia’s native utility token and how storage providers are compensated on the network. Smart contracts enforce these transactions and agreements between users and providers.

With a current ranking of 136th and a current market capitalization of US$28,310,038, it is clear that the network still has a long way to go, but all great things start small, so SC will someday It might top the charts. It is also worth noting that there is a current circulating supply of 51,773,842,992 SC coins with no maximum supply.

7. Harmony (ONE)

The Harmony ecosystem was created by creative professionals and founded by Stephen Tse in 2017. He knows the world of cryptography inside and out (thanks to his PhD in cryptographic protocols and type theory from the University of Pennsylvania) and is well positioned to create blockchain platforms that effectively facilitate the creation and use of decentralized applications. Done (more commonly called his DApps). His founding team is also tech-savvy, with seven of his 12 members having previously worked for Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon.

We also launched the Harmony Grants program, which includes a $300 million financial fund, to attract innovative developers to take our ecosystem to the next level. This financial incentive will likely attract many developers to flock to this platform to contribute to the ever-growing ecosystem. Additionally, networks always prioritize processing speed and fast validation times, and the introduction of random state sharding has made that possible.

The sharding process reduces node verification time by allowing blocks to be created in seconds. Their mainnet runs Ethereum applications at a fraction of the average price, with transaction speeds of 2 seconds. Such a change has long been desired in the crypto space. With massive investments pouring in, it may not be long before the Harmony ecosystem rises to the top.

The native token ONE powers the entire Harmony economic system. Currently ranked 115th in the world, with a market cap of $272,557,725. The total number of ONE coins in circulation is 12,435,750,565 coins.

Low Cap Cryptos – Conclusion

Finding these undervalued gems and investing in them before they become popular is an attractive business model these days. Many of them get overlooked in the early stages because of their low rankings, but only those who see their ROI skyrocket within a few years truly realize their innate potential. I’m here. Getting a head start can go a long way in the game. Remember, Bitcoin used to be a low-cap cryptocurrency, with lots of big names at one time.


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Top 7 low cap crypto gems to buy/invest in 2022

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