Top 7 Free PNG to DDS Converter Software for Windows

The following is a list of the Best Free PNG to DDS Converter Software for Windows. You may convert Portable Network Graphics (PNG) to Microsoft DirectDraw Surface (DDS) format using any of the apps listed above. Some converters even allow you to batch convert PNG to DDS. Aside from DDS, these converters support a variety of other image formats, including JPG, TGA, TIFF, BMP, GIF, PCX, SVG, ICO, CUR, and others.

What exactly is a DDS file?

The DirectDraw Surface container file format (DDS) is a Microsoft format for storing data compressed with the formerly exclusive S3 Texture Compression (S3TC) method, which GPUs can decompress in hardware.

PNG pictures are stored in a compressed, lossless format that is optimal for disc storage. DDS holds textures in GPU-native formats that are optimised for GPU utilisation.

If you’ve came across a DDS file and discovered that you can’t open or modify it, this is because DDS files require particular applications to open or edit.

A DirectDraw Surface (DDS) file is a raster picture stored in the DirectDraw Surface (DDS) container format. A raster (or bitmap) picture is the most common type of graphic that may be viewed on a computer screen. DDS files are commonly used to store digital graphics, most notably models for 3D video games.

DDS files may be opened using image editors such as Windows Texture Viewer (Windows), XnViewMP (multiplatform), Apple Preview (included with macOS), and dotPDN (Windows). DDS pictures may also be seen with IrfanView (Windows), GIMP (multiplatform), and Adobe Photoshop with proper plugins.

To export it as a DDS file, go to the File menu and choose Export As, then enter the file name and extension. Alternatively, we may select the DDS file type by clicking the Choose File Type option at the bottom of the preceding Export As box. It will provide a list of all the image formats that GIMP supports.

The only issue that is associated with the DDS file format is a lossy compressed format. When you convert a picture from an uncompressed/losslessly compressed format (such as PNG, TIFF, or BMP) to a lossy one (such as DDS or JPEG), you will lose some image quality.

This programme also includes image editing capabilities for modifying source PNG pictures prior to conversion. On PNG images, you may resize, crop, rotate, flip, watermark, colour correction, colour enhancer, painting tools, effects, filters, and so on. After you’ve finished editing, you may begin the PNG to DDS conversion procedure.

Picture editors and photo converters are among the software featured. These programmes provide extra capabilities such as a flyer designer, poster maker, animation generator, picture map builder, folder watch, and so on. Go through the list to learn more about these programmes.

My Favourite Windows PNG to DDS Converter Software:

XnConvert is my favourite software since it can batch convert PNG to DDS and batch edit PNG pictures before conversion.

Converseen is also useful since it supports numerous input and output formats in addition to PNG and DDS.

Here are the top 7 and the best converter tools for converting your png files to DDS format using various converters. 


For Windows, Mac, and Linux, XnConvert is a free batch PNG to DDS converter. It is a featured image converter that allows you to convert one or more PNG pictures to DDS at the same time. Another advantage of this programme is that it allows for mass picture modification. As a result, you have the option to alter all source PNG pictures before converting them to DDS. You may resize, rotate, crop, flip, add a watermark, modify colour levels, apply filters, and more to PNG pictures.

Aside from PNG and DDS, this converter supports a wide range of input and output formats, including PDF, PS, JPG, TGA, JXR, PSD, EMF, BMP, ICO, TIFF, and others.

Converting PNG to DDS with XnConvert:

  • First, add all of the source PNG images to this software’s Input tab.
  • Then, for PNG image editing, navigate to the Actions tab and apply different editing actions to the input pictures.
  • To change the output to DDS, go to the Output tab.
  • Then, click the Convert button to begin the PNG to DDS conversion procedure as soon as possible.

Additional Feature: 

You may utilise its Hot Folders feature to input a few folder locations to keep an eye on them and immediately convert images using previously used settings.

The sole restriction is that it can only be used for non-commercial purposes.

Finally, it is an excellent image converter for fast converting a folder containing PNG pictures to DDS.


Converseen is a Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD batch PNG to DDS converter. It is a batch image converter that works with a wide range of image formats, including TGA, PSD, JPG, PDF, SVG, EPS, EXR, GIF, DPX, TIFF, AI, ICO, RAS, and others. Images may be readily converted from one supported format to another, for example, PNG to DDS. It also includes three editing tools for resizing, changing resolution, and rotating/flipping source PNG pictures.

In Converseen, use these steps to batch convert PNG to DDS:

  • Add individual PNG pictures or a whole folder of source PNG images.
  • Preview and modify input PNG pictures via its Action Panel using the available choices.
  • Select DDS as the output format and press the Convert button to convert and save DDS photos.


It is a straightforward yet effective image converter that allows you to convert PNG to DDS and a variety of other file types.


Another free PNG to DDS converter for Windows is ImBatch. It, like the previously mentioned programme, can convert numerous PNG pictures to DDS format at the same time. It is essentially batch image processing software with editing and converting capabilities.

It can convert raw camera photos as well as common image formats such as CR2, DNG, NEF, SR2, ARW, ORF, JPG, J2K, PNG, BMP, PNG, GIF, SVG, TGA, TIFF, and so on. When it comes to picture editing features, it includes image transformation, watermarking, annotation, colour modification, filters, metadata editing, and more. It allows you to batch edit PNG pictures and then convert them all to DDS format.

Let’s have a look at how to convert a PNG image to DDS format in it.

ImBatch batch conversion of PNG to DDS:

  • To begin, use the designated button to upload all input photographs to this software.
  • Now, click the Add Task button and then choose Save > Save As Task. You may also add additional image editing jobs to modify PNG pictures before converting them if necessary.
  • Then, customise the task settings by changing the output file type (DDS) and output parameters such as MIP Levels, Mipmap Mode, and DDS Format.
  • Finally, click the Run batch processing option to begin the conversion process.


You may only use this mass picture converter for personal and non-commercial purposes.


It is a good PNG to DDS converter with batch picture conversion and image editing features.


GIMP is a free and open source PNG to DDS converter that is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Its export capability allows you to access and inspect a PNG picture before converting it to DDS format. Prior to conversion, you may change the input PNG image using tools such as drawing tools, resize, crop, rotate, flip, filters, colour level correction, and so on.

Clients and consumers may occasionally submit files in unusual file formats. DirectDraw Surface files are commonly used for DirectX-compatible textures; these files are frequently used to texture game models and surroundings. GIMP, an open-source image editor, does not support DDS file editing by default, but by downloading the GIMP DDS plugin, the software becomes DDS-compatible.

In GIMP, follow these steps to convert PNG to DDS:

  • In it, open the source PNG picture.
  • If necessary, modify the supplied PNG image with available editing tools.
  • Convert PNG to DDS by going to File > Export As and selecting DDS as the output format. Before the conversion begins, you may customise a few output options like compression, format, mipmaps, and so on.

It also allows you to import photos as layers or manually draw frames to make a GIF animation.

GIMP is an excellent image editor that can also be used to convert a PNG picture to DDS and other supported formats.


Undoubtedly, GNU Image Manipulation Application (GIMP) is a free programme for viewing and editing DDS files. GIMP is also open-source and cross-platform. It is available for Windows 10, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems. GIMP may also be used as a Photoshop plugin.

Chasys Draw IES Artist

The next free PNG to DDS converter programme for Windows is Chasys Draw IES Artist. It is basically an image editor with the ability to convert picture formats. Aside from DDS, you may convert PNG to a variety of additional formats such as JPG, BMP, GIF, ICO, TGA, CUR, and others. It includes a convenient collection of drawing tools, colour improvement capabilities, image modification choices, filters, effects, and more for modifying PNG files before conversion.

How to Convert a PNG File to a DDS File in Chasys Draw IES Artist:

  • To begin, use the open function to import the original PNG picture.
  • You may now change the picture whatever you wish.
  • After that, go to File > Save As and choose DDS as the conversion format. You may even apply a border to the generated DDS picture if desired.


It is a useful PNG to DDS converter that is generally used for the construction of various types of graphics, object animations, frame animations, cursors, and so on.


Paint.NET is another Windows PNG to DDS converter. It is a decent picture editing programme that includes both conventional and sophisticated editing features. You may just open a PNG image in it and convert it to DDS or any other format like BMP, JPG, GIF, TGA, and so on. You may utilise drawing/ annotation tools, image altering features, colour enhancement choices, filters, and more to edit the input PNG image.

Converting PNG to DDS with Paint.NET:

  • To begin, use the open option to look for and import a PNG picture that you will be able to see and modify.PNG to DDS converter
  • To convert PNG to DDS, utilise its save as option from the File menu and pick DDS as the output picture format. 
  • You will then be able to adjust numerous output DDS settings, such as DDS compression, error metric, and the generation of mip maps, among others.


It is a straightforward yet effective image editor that also functions as a .


SView5 is another Windows PNG to DDS converter. It is an image editor that, like some of the other listed tools, allows you to open and modify PNG images before converting them to DDS format. It can convert PNG pictures into additional formats such as TGA, TIFF, SGI, JPEG, PCX, GIF, and so on.

Picture resizing, rotate, flip, mirror, crop, auto border, colour correction, colour manipulation, HDR tools, image effects, and more are among the editing options available.

Converting PNG to DDS in SView5:

  • To begin, open a PNG picture that you wish to convert.
  • Then, if necessary, use the available capabilities to alter the source PNG image.
  • Now, from the main interface, go to Load/Save Settings and pick DDS as the Save Format.
  • Finally, click the Save As button to save the generated DDS picture with the output filename you specified.

Final words:

Altogether, it is a very useful programme for viewing, editing, and converting PNG pictures to DDS format.

Besides this you can also use adobe photoshop for this purpose but you need to add a plugin with it.

Adobe Photoshop

Installing the NVIDIA Texture Tools plugin is required to open and modify a DDS file in Photoshop.

Get the NVIDIA Texture Tools plugin from the official website.

Please keep in mind that you will need to sign up for the NVIDIA Developer Program. This is completely free and just takes a few minutes.

  • Navigate to your Downloads folder and double-click the NVIDIA Texture Tools installation file to begin.
  • Finish the installation wizard.
  • Launch Photoshop.
  • Choose File > Open.
  • Locate and pick your DDS file, then click Open.

Hope this guide helps you learn the best png to DDS conversion tools for converting the image file format to DDS file format. 


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