Top 5 football clubs in Canada

There is a league where professional Canadian football clubs play and Major League Soccer (MLS) where teams from the USA play. The list of football clubs in Canada is very small. There are 23 teams in the MLS. 20 of them are from the USA and 3 from Canada.

Sports betting Vulkan Bet has become particularly popular in Germany in recent times. We suggest elaborate on the most famous and titled clubs of the country.


This is the most popular club in Canada to bet on football as well as the record holder for titles in their country. Toronto was founded in 2005 and carries the nickname ‘The Reds’.

The team from the city of the same name has their own stadium, called Beemo Field, which seats over 30,991 fans. Since 2007, the Reds have played in the MLS, becoming the first Canadian football team in the history of that championship.

The transfer value of Toronto’s squad is €33.70 million. Club achievements are following:

  • MLS Cup in 2017;
  • MLS Super Cup in the same year 2017;
  • 6 Canadian championships;
  • participation in the 2018 CONCACAF Champions League final.

Montreal Impact

Montreal is based in the city of the same name and was founded relatively recently, in 2010. The team’s stadium is called Stade Saputo and it seats 20,341 fans. The colours of the team strongly resemble those of Inter Milan – blue and black.

The transfer value of the team is an impressive €18.35m. Among the achievements worth mentioning are the following:

  • 2 victories in the Canadian league;
  • The 2014 CONCACAF Champions League final;
  • Walt Disney World Cup friendly victory in 2013.

Vancouver Whitecaps

This Vancouver football team was founded in 2009 and bears the nickname “the blue and white”. Vancouver Whitecaps have one of the biggest stadiums in MLS, B.C. Place, with a capacity of 54,313.

The estimated transfer value of the squad is €24.93 million. Vancouver have very few titles, but it is worth highlighting the most important ones:

  • winning the Canadian championship in 2005;
  • five appearances in the Canadian championship final.


Edmonton were founded in 2010 in the city of the same name and currently play in the NASL – the 2nd strongest division in the MLS and Canadian championships. The club’s home arena is Clark Stadium, with a capacity of 5,000.

“Edmonton” goes by the nickname “the rabbits”. The Rabbits played their debut match in their history against the Montreal Impact in 2010, where they celebrated a 3-0 victory.

Ottawa Fury

The Ottawa football club was founded in 2011 and has a stadium with the name TD Place Stadium and a capacity of 24,000. Ottawa currently plays in the USL, the second US and Canadian football championships.

The transfer value of the squad is €4.63 million. Initially this football team was a women’s team, but later it was decided to disband it and make a new club. The team’s main achievement was winning the so-called “autumn” championship in 2015.


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