Top 3 best betting websites for all types of Canadian gamblers

No matter where you live, sports will be popular in your country. Canada is not an exception but a bright example of a place where people really enjoy different sports events. However, making the game even more interesting is something that all the people like. And that’s why betting is that popular. Finding a nice bookmaker may be a hard task so that there is a list of  top Canadian sports betting sites.

Bodog: the gambling website for true betting enjoyers

Bodog is a real giant. This service is as good-working as brilliant-looking it is. The website offers many interesting features for all kinds of players.

To start with, the design of the website is really simple. No complicated lists and tons of text. This website looks like it was made not just for placing bets but for gaining real joy from using it. Everything is in the right place, while the opportunity to choose the sports category and place a bet takes you only a couple of clicks.

The other advantage is the number of different events they provide. You can place your bet on basketball, volleyball, tennis, golf, soccer, and even darts. They included all the possible leagues and you are free to choose everything you like. Moreover, you can bet on different non-sports events such as politics or TV-shows predictions.

Avid fans of eSports will be also excited with the variety of disciplines provided. DotA 2, CS:GO, FIFA, and League of Legends are present on the website. These categories may be a perfect option to wager on even for people who are far from cybersports. A little research and you can make some profit.

Including the fact that you can use the Live-bet option watching a stream of the event, the conditions are just great.

One more valuable feature of the website is the fact that you have an opportunity to use free analytics provided by Bodog itself. It’s fully free and would be a nice option for novice gamblers to be sure that they are doing everything right.

New users will be also happy with the welcoming bonuses website provides. The first deposit will give you great bonuses, so don’t be shy to check them out.

Bodog is a fully Canadian website, which conquers the other giants on the market making people choose it instead of other hyped platforms.

TrueNorth: a great option for all the gamblers

TrueNorth is the other example of a great service for Canadian gamblers. The has many advantages which will satisfy either experienced and new users.

The very first one is the variety of sports events provided on the website. You can choose between major kinds of sports like football, basketball, soccer, volleyball. You will also be satisfied with the tennis, golf and darts events. Moreover, the opportunity to bet on the Formula 1 is also appreciated by many fans.

However, there are not that many eSports categories. The website provides only Dota 2, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike leagues. You also should not expect that there will be a variety of minor but interesting events. Nevertheless, they include all the major games, so that, placing a bet here will be a great deal for many cybersports fans.

The interface of the website is good. It will be great for experienced gamblers but novice users may experience some troubles. But that is not an issue due to the certain guide which is present on the website. On the main page, you can see “Hot” games, which have great odds or are the most demanded by users.

The website also encourages people to play casino games. You may get 100% for the first deposit to play casino. Provided game modes are classical and include roulette, blackjack, and slots.

Welcoming bonuses are also interesting. After betting on some certain event you get 10 free dollars. This bonus can be claimed twice.

TrueNorth is a great website for all users. Novice gamblers may experience some issues with the advanced design but reading a short guide will let them overcome such problem in only five minutes.

ComeOn: nicely done bookmaker with a variety of casino games

Even the name of that website encourages you to use it. ComeOn is a great website for all types of users and provides fascinating events and services.

First of all, it looks like the design was made aiming at a new audience. It has 6 major website pages which include Casino, Live Casino, Sports, Live Betting, RetroBet, and WeSpin. It’s extremely easy to manage the work of the website. There is no guide needed.

The sports categories are really simple. They include classical sports activities such as basketball, football, soccer, tennis, MMA. However, eSports fans will be disappointed. There are no opportunities to bet on their favorite CS or Dota game. Maybe this option will be added later, including the fact that the website develops frequently.

One of the most interesting features on the website is the RetroBet. You have a bunch of games to wager on. After that, begins “the week”. One week is about 15 games, which last for 5 minutes. This game mode reminds of old-school virtual racing betting. It is an interesting option to have some rest between major and real events to spend some money on these 5-minutes games. But you will also see the guide before starting betting there.

Furthermore, the guides on the websites are everywhere. Entering each page is followed by a short description of its features. Even the person who decided to gamble for the first time will easily manage everything.

Including all these features, ComeOn remains one of the best bookies for Canadian users. The only disadvantage is that there are too many casino pages. It’s a common practice to add them, but they take about 50% of the website, which may scare some users away. If they work it out somehow, ComeOn may become one of the most appreciated websites for Canadian gamblers.

Why these 3 websites are the best for Canadians?

The very first reason to use exactly these gambling websites is the fact that they are Canadian. They are aimed at that Canadian audience and provide many bonuses and benefits for them. These websites make gambling easy and don’t make people run to foreign bookies to find some bonuses.

ComeOn, TrueNorth, and Bodog are excellent bookmakers which were made with love to their targeted audience. They provide interesting features, a variety of sports events, warm welcoming bonuses, and make everything simple for all kinds of gamblers.


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