Tool library released by Smiths Falls

The tool library is now available at Smiths Falls.

The Federation of Environmental Actions (REAL) has launched a tool rental library to promote the use of used tools, save tools from landfills and reduce the need to purchase new tools for short-term use. I did.

“This is a collection of tools that you can rent out to anyone who wants to use it for a week at a time,” said REAL board member Barb Hicks.

The library started on October 1st and is already in use. The library is located in Smiths Falls’ REAL Deal Reuse Store.

The tool lending library runs on a membership basis, with an introductory 6-month membership of $ 25 and a 12-month membership of $ 45, giving users access to a collection of tools to rent for a week at a time.

The goal is to encourage the use of rental libraries rather than buying short-term or disposable tools. Items will inevitably be dumped in landfills or left unused somewhere in the basement.

The library promotes the circular economy.

“Everyone doesn’t have to own everything, especially because many people buy tools for weekend projects and they’ve been sitting in the basement for years,” Hicks said.

Hicks explained that the library will make the tools available even if you can’t buy your own collection of tools or if you don’t have the space to store them for long periods of time.

According to the REAL website, most of the tool inventory comes from donations, most of which are second-hand or second-hand purchased tools.

“We don’t create new items and buy new ones, we share more and use them more,” Hicks said.

The library has a large collection of tools that you can borrow.

“They are mostly handheld and battery-powered,” Hicks said.

According to Hicks, we have established a set of about 60 tools so far. Most of these tools are small portable electric hand tools such as drills, sanders, saws, chainsaws, compressors and shop VACs.

Before launching the library, they talked to another tool lending library in Ottawa to see what was most borrowed and what was most needed.

The Smiths Falls Tool Library is lucky enough to put some of the tools donated before the project into a collection to request tools or buy from other sources to create large collections. was.

There is no additional cost for the tools, but the library charges a late fee of $ 3 a day and certain tools such as shop vac need to be cleaned back. Otherwise, the user will be charged a cleaning fee of $ 5.

Tool library released by Smiths Falls

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