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Tons of oat milk and coffee drinks part of mass recall

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of U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced On Friday, food service company Lions Magnus announced a voluntary recall of 53 beverage products due to possible microbial contamination. Products affected by the recall include liquid coffee drinks, protein shakes, nutritional shakes and thickened liquids, and pediatric nutritional supplements. These beverages and nutritional supplements come under nationally popular brand names, including Aloha, Gulselna, Autry, Premier Protein and Stumptown. A complete list of recalled products and their lot codes can be found at Click here for the FDA announcement.

Potential contamination includes living organisms Cronobacter sakazakii. According to the CDC, Chronobacter Infections can be very serious for the elderly and for people whose bodies struggle to fight germs, such as HIV, organ transplants, and cancer patients. FDA says This type of infection is rare, but common symptoms of the illness include fever, vomiting, and urinary tract infections.

Pediatric products are included in the list, but none have been recalled. Lyons Magnus Announcement Although this particular recall does not include formula, the bacteria in question are the same bacteria at the heart of infant formula. Different recalls of baby formula (While still in progress, per CNN).

To date, no illnesses or complaints related to these products have been reported. Still, the FDA says none of these recalled products should be consumed.You can either throw the product away or contact Lyons Magnus to return the product for a refund. Contact the Lions Recall Support Center 24/7 at 1-800-627-0557 or visit his website at: www.lyonsmagnus.com.

again, Check the full list of recalled products on the FDA’s site here..

Tons of oat milk and coffee drinks part of mass recall

Source link Tons of oat milk and coffee drinks part of mass recall

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