Tom Hanks wondered if he needed a “Forrest Gump” bench scene

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Tom Hanks revealed that he initially doubted the importance of the now-famous bench scene in Forrest Gump.

“Elvis” star, 65, talks about iconic films in a new interview CinemaBlend“Reel Blend” podcast.

“Forrest Gump tells us everything we shot on a park bench in Savannah, Georgia. We were shooting feed for a potentially story-telling piece,” Hanks said. Says.

“And I said [director] Bob [Zemeckis],’Does anyone care that this nut is sitting on top? [bench]?? What is this?No one knows what’s in this [box]in short…'”

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Despite the suspicion of an actor, Zemekis pushed forward. “We finally shot it, probably like having to shoot a 13-page conversation in a day and a half,” he recalled. “So it was written on a cue card. I didn’t need a cue card for a while because you get into it.”

“But Bob said,’I don’t know, it’s a minefield, Tom, it’s a minefield,'” Hanks continued. “You never know what people rob from it!” And that’s what it ends up with. , That’s it. “

Premium — Forrest Gump, Tom Hanks, 1994. (C) Paramount Pictures / Provided by: Everett Collection.

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The bench scene is unknown, but Hanks wasn’t sure about the outlook for the movie. When Paramount Pictures refused to increase the budget, he even helped raise some of the film’s funding.

“”[Zemeckis] “Well, this would cost $ X,” he said. And it wasn’t cheap.And I said “OK”, “as Hanks said earlier. IndieWire I have pointed out. “He said,’You and I’re going to split that amount, and we’re going to return it. [to Paramount]..We will return the money to you, but everyone [Paramount] We need to share a little more profit. The studio said, “Great, great, OK.” And it was good for us too. “

Hanks’ profits from Forrest Gump totaled $ 65 million, primarily due to the fact that he earned some of his box office revenue in exchange for some of his production costs.

Tom Hanks wondered if he needed a “Forrest Gump” bench scene

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